God in the Dark

God in the Dark
God in the Dark

Rebuilding faith when bad stuff happens

by Peter Longson

What becomes of faith in God when bad stuff happens? How do we react when we realise that, for all its glories, this world can be a dark, dangerous and disappointing place? Peter Longson’s honest, unflinching exploration of the nature of evil and its consequences for life and faith leads him to some surprising and liberating conclusions about the nature of God. More information and sample pages

3 thoughts on “God in the Dark

  1. Olga Magoula says:

    I have just got this book and half an hour later I decided to get two more copies.
    It came in my life in the right time. For years have been asking people and the Lord these same questions as expressed in Job 23: 2-17. I am writing too -in my discipline- and sending off my material as a message in a bottle to the editing board of the publishers. I am writing essays too when I cannot stand the agony of such questions .
    When I finish the book I would think it a great privilege if I could contact the author. At least to thank him for this gift.

  2. Ian Pallett says:

    I have just finished reading this book and think it is extremely good. A combination of immense integrity (to personal experience and to the modern context of scientific discovery), wide reading (lightly handled), readable style and original insight. One complaint is that I would have preferred the final chapter to be a little more developed. Any plans for a web-based chat room on this book – or a study course based up on it?

  3. Admin User says:

    There isn’t any plan at the moment for a web-based chat room for God in the Dark even though it is an excellent idea. We are delighted with your comments about the book, thank you!

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