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  1. It Doesn't Have to Be Like This - front

    It Doesn't Have to Be Like This

    Margaret Legum

    A book for all of us who feel instinctively that there is something badly wrong with our global system of trade and finance, where money for its own sake is valued over jobs and people's lives, but don't know how to start suggesting alternatives. Learn More

    RRP: £11.99


  2. Hay & Stardust - front

    Hay & Stardust

    Ruth Burgess

    This companion volume to Candles & Conifers is a collection of worship and meditation resources for the season of Christmastide - including Christmas Day, Holy Innocents' Day, Winter and New Year, Epiphany, Homelessness Sunday and Candlemas. It also contains eight Christmas plays. Learn More

    RRP: £16.99


  3. Iona Abbey Music Book - front

    Iona Abbey Music Book

    The Iona Community

    These 50 songs of challenge, change and encouragement are offered as a companion to the liturgies of the Iona Abbey Worship Book (2001 edition), which is used by an increasing number of congregations a long way from the island of Iona. Learn More

    RRP: £16.99


  4. Will Not Sing Alone - front

    I Will Not Sing Alone (songbook)

    John L. Bell

    Available at last: the new book of songs of engagement with life and with God, as heard on the recently published CD. Learn More

    RRP: £14.99


  5. The Singing Thing

    The Singing Thing

    John L Bell

    The first of two books addressing the ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ of congregational singing. Unapologetically anecdotal, it deals not with musical theories but with the reasons why people sing and how best to enable them to do so. Learn More

    RRP: £13.50


  6. Love and Anger (songbook)

    Love and Anger (songbook)

    John L Bell / Graham Maule

    A collection of nineteen songs drawing on the biblical songs of justice, World Church songs of protest and praise, and songs of experience from late twentieth-century Britain. Learn More

    RRP: £11.50


  7. The Dream of Learning Our True Name - front

    The Dream of Learning Our True Name

    Kathy Galloway

    These poems provide a powerful resource for personal contemplation and many of them can be used in a group or worship setting. Learn More

    RRP: £13.99


  8. The Jesse Tree - front

    The Jesse Tree

    Thom M Shuman

    Reflections for the season of Advent based on those people who might only be mentioned once in the Bible (in the lineages in Matthew and Luke) – the women, the prophets, the exiles who, while not linked to Jesus genetically, nevertheless passed on their 'spiritual DNA' to him and to us. Learn More

    RRP: £10.50


  9. Blessed Be Our Table - cover

    Blessed Be Our Table

    Neil Paynter

    This book invites us to recommit ourselves to act for justice each time we join in the simple sharing of a meal. It is also very much a celebration ­ of food, of diversity, of community and sharing, of Creator and creation. Learn More

    RRP: £13.50


  10. This Is the Day - front

    This Is the Day

    Neil Paynter (ed)

    Daily readings for four months from a wide range of contributors within the Iona Community. These prayers, liturgies, songs, poems and articles, which reflect the concerns of the Community, can be used for group or individual reflection and are intended to inspire positive action and change in our lives. Learn More

    RRP: £13.50


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