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  1. Living by the Rule

    Living by the Rule

    Kathy Galloway

    A series of reflections on living by the Rule of the Iona Community, exploring its history, inner life and public witness. Learn More

    RRP: £10.50


  2. A Heart on Fire

    A Heart on Fire

    Annika Spalde

    Mysticism is not just for recluses: it is a totally practical path in the world that we all can choose. The mystic tradition teaches us that God is inherent in everything. What does this mean for the way we relate to creation with all its inhabitants and to the environment? Learn More

    RRP: £11.50


  3. A Heart Broken Open

    A Heart Broken Open

    Ray Gaston

    5 Review(s)
    A moving and insightful reflection by a Christian minister on his grassroots engagement with Islam – from inner-city parish ministry in Leeds to the streets of Karbala at a time of rising Islamophobia and the 'War on Terror'. Learn More

    RRP: £13.50


  4. Iona God's Energy

    Iona – God's Energy

    Norman Shanks

    What is it that interests so many people in the work of the Iona Community and draws thousands of visitors each year to the tiny island of Iona? This is a book about the spirituality, concerns and activities of the Iona Community. Learn More

    RRP: £13.50


  5. Ten Things They Never Told Me About Jesus - front

    Ten Things They Never Told Me About Jesus

    John L Bell

    Explores facets of the personal life, relationships and ministry of Jesus which are seldom the stuff of preaching or conversation, but which are all rooted in the Gospels and are necessary if we are to be freed from the passive stereotypes which still dominate thinking about Christ. Learn More

    RRP: £13.50


  6. Down to Earth

    Down to Earth

    Neil Paynter & Iain Campbell (illustrator)

    1 Review(s)
    A book about searching for, and finding, Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit in down-to-earth places. ‘Neil writes about a world where hearts matter and in which vulnerable folk can teach us much.’ – Peter Millar, from the Foreword Learn More

    RRP: £14.99


  7. Word of Mouth

    Word of Mouth

    Janet Lees

    Presents a method of using remembered (oral, not written) versions of the Bible with people of all ages and abilities, in which telling and interpreting the stories in light of the participants' own lives become inextricably linked. Learn More

    RRP: £13.50


  8. Doing December Differently - front

    Doing December Differently

    Nicola Slee & Rosie Miles

    Explores how people of faith and goodwill might mark the midwinter season and the Christmas festival with integrity and simplicity. How can we include others and celebrate difference without putting us all under intolerable strain, or perpetuating false and oppressive myths of the ideal family life? Reflections on the origins, diverse meanings and customs associated with Christmas, personal stories, and liturgical and ritual resources that can be adapted and used in the home, in group gatherings and in church settings. Learn More

    RRP: £16.99


  9. Growing Hope - front

    Growing Hope

    Neil Paynter

    A whole year’s worth of daily quotes and readings – poems, prayers, short reflections and stories – from writers and thinkers who have inspired the Iona Community and from members of the community themselves. Learn More

    RRP: £13.50


  10. The Twelve Together - front

    The Twelve Together

    T. Ralph Morton

    When Ralph Morton wrote The Twelve Together in the mid-1950s, it was in response to the need he perceived for an understanding of Jesus’s life with his disciples in order to inform a more appropriate pattern of church life in his own day … Learn More

    RRP: £13.50


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