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Meditations & Reflections

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  1. A Way of Knowing

    A Way of Knowing

    Joy Mead

    A book about small things and little occasions, the smells, colours, sounds, the looking, perceiving, thinking, remembering of our lives and the love that makes them significant. In a mix of poems, stories and material suitable for private or public reflection it explores our knowing and our unknowing. It celebrates the validity of all experience,... Learn More

    RRP: £11.50


  2. Pathways for Pilgrims

    Pathways for Pilgrims

    Chris King

    A resource for individuals and groups wishing to explore the Iona Community's integrated approach to spirituality in the space of four weeks. Each week covers an area of the Community’s engagement and the days include a ‘community experience’, a Bible reading, material for reflection, prayers and thoughts to ponder. Learn More

    RRP: £10.50


  3. Ready or Not

    Ready or Not

    Ruth Harvey

    An original collection of stories, reflections, meditations, poems, songs and dialogues about recalling the wisdom of our own childhood thoughts and being open to what children in our midst have to share with us about God, faith, life, death and spirituality. Learn More

    RRP: £11.50


  4. Welcoming Each Wonder missing page

    Welcoming Each Wonder missing page

    Tom Gordon

    Unfortunately a page was omitted and then appears in the wrong place when Welcoming Each Wonder by Tom Gordon was printed, for which we offer many apologies. To help rectify this, the complete chapter is available as a free download. Just put it in your basket and check out as usual. You will not be charged. The problem was corrected for later print runs, so this corrected chapter should not be necessary if you have only just purchased the book. Learn More
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  5. Living Letters of the Word

    Living Letters of the Word

    Neil Paynter

    Daily readings for four months from a wide range of contributors within the Iona Community which can be used for group or individual reflection and are intended to inspire positive action and change in our lives. Learn More

    RRP: £13.99


  6. Dirt, Mess and Danger

    Dirt, Mess and Danger

    Glendon Macaulay

    Liturgies, meditations, reflections, prayers, poems etc that have been tried and tested with local congregations, often at ecumenical worship events. They celebrate the One who came to earth to live a fully human life, who understands what it is to be human. Material for Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Holy Week, Easter, Pentecost and more. Learn More

    RRP: £16.99


  7. The Healer's Tree

    The Healer’s Tree

    Annie Heppenstall

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    A book of 28 short readings and reflections in response to the call back to the garden, back to full relationship with God and all creation. Suitable for group or individual use. Learn More

    RRP: £10.99


  8. Gobsmacked


    Thom Shuman

    Daily readings for the four weeks of Advent. ‘Reading one of Thom’s books is like walking and talking with a friend. Someone who understands the fragility and failings of being human (and himself) but who continues to laugh, and to hope and work for the coming of the Light.’ Learn More

    RRP: £10.50


  9. Pushing the Boat Out

    Pushing the Boat Out

    Kathy Galloway

    A collection of poetry having its origins in the Iona Community's magazine, Coracle. Contributors include: Ruth Burgess, Ron Ferguson, Yvonne Morland, Kathy Galloway, Jan Sutch Pickard, Ruth Harvey, Robert Davidson, David Osborne etc. Learn More

    RRP: £8.50


  10. We Journey in Hope

    We Journey in Hope

    Neil Paynter & Peter Millar

    A book for Easter that is about more than easy answers - that encourages us to seek signs of the continuing Passion of God in the world, not in abstract ideas but in our human bodies and souls. Learn More

    RRP: £10.50


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