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  1. Known Unknowns

    Known Unknowns

    John L Bell & Graham Maule

    One hundred 21st-century hymn texts by John L Bell & Graham Maule that can be sung to familiar tunes - making the most of minimal congregational song resources in an accessible and resilient way. Special pricing for bulk buys. Learn More

    RRP: £11.50

    £9.99 As low as: £7.00

  2. Enemy of Apathy - front

    Enemy of Apathy (songbook)

    John L Bell / Graham Maule

    Songbook containing 62 songs and chants for Lent, Eastertide and Pentecost. Includes: Travelling the road to freedom * Be still and know * Jesus Christ is waiting * Lord of the morning * Kyrie/Sanctus & Benedictus/Agnus Dei (Kentigern setting) Learn More

    RRP: £13.50


  3. When Grief is Raw

    When Grief is Raw (songbook)

    John L Bell/Graham Maule

    When a loved one dies there is a need to express deep gratitude for their life and celebrate their time on earth. This book of congregational songs from the Wild Goose Resource Group helps all those who have experienced profound loss at either a personal or communal level. Learn More

    RRP: £10.50


  4. Heaven Shall Not Wait (songbook)

    Heaven Shall Not Wait (songbook)

    John L Bell /Graham Maule

    Sixty-two songs of Creation, the Incarnation and the life of Jesus, encompassing a range of styles from folk hymns to contemporary carols. Learn More

    RRP: £16.99


  5. The Courage to Say No

    The Courage to Say No (songbook)

    John L Bell/Graham Maule

    Tracing the sometimes sure, sometimes faltering steps of Jesus and his followers through the entire season of Lent, to Easter Day and then beyond, these songs allow us to reflect on their progress, enter their experience and ultimately to make their confusion, doubt, joy and liberation our own. Many are four-part harmony, which will be satisfying for music groups or choirs to sing, as well as being accessible to congregations. Learn More

    RRP: £11.50


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