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  1. The Dream of Learning Our True Name - front

    The Dream of Learning Our True Name (Downloadable Book)

    Kathy Galloway

    These poems provide a powerful resource for personal contemplation and many of them can be used in a group or worship setting. Learn More

    RRP: £9.99

    £8.50 ex VAT

  2. We Will Seek Peace and Pursue It

    We Will Seek Peace and Pursue It (Downloadable book)

    Neil Paynter

    A book of readings, reflections and prayers about ‘the bombs and bullets and landmines we drop into the heart of other people’s lives’ – and the many good folk working for peace and reconciliation at home and abroad. It can be used for personal and group reflection or in worship. Learn More

    RRP: £7.80

    £6.80 ex VAT

  3. Praying for the Dawn (Downloadable book)

    Praying for the Dawn (Downloadable book)

    Ruth Burgess & Kathy Galloway

    The ministry of healing plays a vital and central part in the life of the Iona Community. It is a ministry in which justice is as important as medicine, reverence for the earth is as vital as respect for the individual person and the health of the body politic matters as much as the health of the body personal. In addition to giving a taste of the background, context and range of this work, Praying for the Dawn offers detailed resources for those who wish to introduce the ministry of healing to their own churches or groups but are unsure of where to start. Learn More

    RRP: £9.50

    £9.00 ex VAT

  4. A Heart on Fire

    A Heart on Fire (Downloadable book)

    Annika Spalde

    Mysticism is not just for recluses: it is a totally practical path in the world that we all can choose. The mystic tradition teaches us that God is inherent in everything. What does this mean for the way we relate to creation with all its inhabitants... Learn More

    RRP: £8.50

    £7.80 ex VAT

  5. The Household of Faith - front

    The Household of Faith (Downloadable Book)

    T. Ralph Morton

    First published in 1951, this book had its origin in a discussion as to whether the prime determining factor in human social relations is economic, as claimed by the Marxist world, and acted on implicitly by most of the rest of the world. Ralph Morton therefore begins with a study of the teaching of the Bible on economic and social life. Learn More

    RRP: £6.95

    £5.95 ex VAT

  6. Words and Wonderings (Downloadable book)

    Words and Wonderings (Downloadable book)

    Joy Mead

    Through conversations and connections Joy Mead explores the true meaning of community –– beyond the jargon of ‘‘community cohesion’’ and the ‘‘Big Society’’. Learn More

    RRP: £9.50

    £9.00 ex VAT

  7. Invocations (Downloadable book)

    Invocations (Downloadable book)

    Richard Skinner

    From earthworms to CD-ROMs, from starfish to blizzards, from electrons to garden forks, from doubt to a shout of laughter … This beautiful little book of invocations inspired by creatures, conditions and objects in the world around us which reflect and are a metaphor for aspects of God or the Divine will resonate with individuals and groups of any or no particular religious or spiritual allegiance. Learn More

    RRP: £4.25

    £3.60 ex VAT

  8. Doing December Differently - front

    Doing December Differently (downloadable book)

    Nicola Slee & Rosie Miles

    Explores how people of faith and goodwill might mark the midwinter season and the Christmas festival with integrity and simplicity. How can we include others and celebrate difference without putting us all under intolerable strain, or perpetuating false and oppressive myths of the ideal family life? Reflections on the origins, diverse meanings and customs associated with Christmas, personal stories, and liturgical and ritual resources that can be adapted and used in the home, in group gatherings and in church settings. Learn More

    RRP: £12.99

    £10.20 ex VAT

  9. Go to the Ant

    Go to the Ant (Downloadable book)

    Ghillean Prance

    In this book of biblical reflections Eden Project Scientific Director Ghillean Prance draws richly from his experiences exploring the Amazon and many other regions, together with his knowledge of references to plants and animals in the Bible, to help us wonder at the marvels of nature and so to treat God's creation with reverence and more respect. Learn More

    RRP: £6.50

    £5.10 ex VAT

  10. Winter

    Winter (Downloadable book)

    Ruth Burgess

    This liturgical resource book covering November, December and January includes prayers, stories, responses, songs, poems, reflections, liturgies and meditations for the major Christian festivals and other occasions that fall during these months. Learn More

    RRP: £10.90

    £10.20 ex VAT

Items 11 to 20 of 139 total

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