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  1. Around a Thin Place (Downloadable book)

    Around a Thin Place (Downloadable book)

    Jane Bentley & Neil Paynter

    A full-colour guide to the Iona Pilgrimage, both off-road and on-road, including a rich collection of readings, prayers, poems, photographs, songs, stories and reflections. For visitors to the island and 'armchair pilgrims' alike. Learn More

    RRP: £9.50

    £9.00 ex VAT

  2. Against the Tide (Downloadable book)

    Against the Tide (Downloadable book)

    Warren Bardsley

    1 Review(s)
    An accessible, popular account of the 7th-century life of Adomnán of Iona, from his boyhood in Donegal to his death as Abbot of Iona, with an emphasis on the contemporary significance of his Law of Innocents – a revolutionary law which in its own day was as significant as the Geneva Conventions or the UN Declaration of Human Rights. Learn More

    RRP: £7.80

    £6.80 ex VAT

  3. The Healer's Tree (Downloadable book)

    The Healer’s Tree (Downloadable book)

    Annie Heppenstall

    3 Review(s)
    A book of 28 short readings and reflections in response to the call back to the garden, back to full relationship with God and all creation. Suitable for group or individual use. Learn More

    RRP: £7.80

    £6.80 ex VAT

  4. Working-Labyrinth-cover

    Working with the Labyrinth (Downloadable book)

    Ruth Sewell, Jan Sellers & Di Williams

    The labyrinth as a tool for contemplation and inspiration continues to gain popularity in today's world. For those who want to learn more and perhaps use the labyrinth in their own situation, this book offers ideas and examples of its use in various contexts, from schools and universities to hospices and secure hospitals. Learn More

    RRP: £9.36

    £6.80 ex VAT

  5. Christ of the Celts - front

    Christ of the Celts (Downloadable book)

    J. Philip Newell

    1 Review(s)
    Internationally acclaimed for his work on Celtic spirituality, J. Philip Newell here addresses the question ‘Who is Christ for us today?’ As increasing numbers of people are attracted to the Celtic vision with its focus on the environment and its sense of the sacred existing in all things and creatures, the author explores what it is that makes Celtic spirituality particularly relevant for the modern world. Learn More

    RRP: £10.20

    £8.50 ex VAT

  6. Where Are the Altars? (Downloadable book)

    Where Are the Altars? (Downloadable book)

    Joy Mead

    A collection of incarnational poetry exploring a spirituality that engages with people, things, and the joys and sorrows of daily life. Where are the altars? In the churches and great cathedrals? Or out in the world and in the everyday? Learn More

    RRP: £7.90

    £6.80 ex VAT

  7. Fire and Bread - front

    Fire and Bread (Downloadable Book)

    Ruth Burgess

    This book of Eastertide resources covering the period from Easter Sunday to Trinity Sunday offers prayers, responses, liturgies, songs, poems, reflections, meditations, sermons and stories for a period of nearly two months, including Easter Day, Ascension Day, Pentecost, Trinity Sunday, Saints’ days, Rogation days, environmental days and many more. Learn More

    RRP: £12.90

    £10.20 ex VAT

  8. The Risen Dust

    The Risen Dust (Downloadable book)

    Rachel Mann

    Powerful and moving readings, stories and poems for Easter. Rachel Mann writes with the voices of the characters involved in the biblical accounts of passion and resurrection, unafraid to explore the darkest aspects evoked by these events. Learn More

    RRP: £7.80

    £6.80 ex VAT

  9. Fig Trees and Furnaces

    Fig Trees and Furnaces (Downloadable book)

    Ruth Burgess

    Based on the biblical books from Esther to Maccabees, this is a collection of stories, scripts and reflections written by Iona Community members, associates, friends and others. It is a companion volume to Olives and Obligations. Learn More

    RRP: £9.99

    £8.75 ex VAT

  10. Exile in Israel (Downloadable book)

    Exile in Israel (Downloadable book)

    Runa Mackay

    An autobiographical account of forty years in the life of a British doctor working with victims of war and exile in Israel, Lebanon and the Occupied Territories, giving an insight into the historical roots of the current situation. Learn More

    RRP: £7.50

    £6.80 ex VAT

Items 41 to 50 of 139 total

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