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  1. Walking Our Story

    Walking Our Story (Downloadable book)

    Joy Mead

    A collection of favourite Joy Mead poems, many of them selected by the author’s readers and friends, who ask ‘Where can I find …?’ when they want a poem for a special occasion. Also includes some new works. Learn More

    RRP: £7.80

    £6.80 ex VAT

  2. The Sound of Iona

    The Sound of Iona (Audio download)

    Kenneth Steven

    Poetry and music inspired by the landscape of the island of Iona. For those who know Iona as much as for those who have always wanted to find a way of reaching Columba's holy isle. Learn More
    £4.16 ex VAT

  3. Love for the Future (Downloadable book)

    Love for the Future (Downloadable book)

    David Osborne

    David Osborne tells the story of his long pilgrimage on foot from the middle of England to the island of Iona, and how he reflected along the way on the qualities we need to develop in ourselves for the journey we face into the future as we contend with climate change, pollution and diminishing resources. Learn More

    RRP: £8.90

    £8.50 ex VAT

  4. The Landscape Below

    The Landscape Below (Downloadable book)

    Bruce C Ball

    1 Review(s)
    Aimed at all concerned about the environment, this book presents a radical vision of the future of farming and community life, based on hidden insights from the life and spirit of the soil and on the author’s experiences of growing up in the small, agricultural community of Clatt in North-East Scotland. With a Foreword by Alastair McIntosh, author of Soil and Soul. Learn More

    RRP: £7.49

    £6.80 ex VAT

  5. Fig Trees and Furnaces

    Fig Trees and Furnaces (Downloadable book)

    Ruth Burgess

    Based on the biblical books from Esther to Maccabees, this is a collection of stories, scripts and reflections written by Iona Community members, associates, friends and others. It is a companion volume to Olives and Obligations. Learn More

    RRP: £9.99

    £8.75 ex VAT

  6. A Blessing to Follow (Downloadable book)

    A Blessing to Follow (Downloadable book)

    Tom Gordon

    8 Review(s)
    A collection of original and contemporary parables – the first of a series of three – using the framework of the Christian Year to offer a story for every week, and a few more besides. Learn More

    RRP: £9.50

    £9.10 ex VAT

  7. Saying Goodbye

    Saying Goodbye (Downloadable book)

    Ruth Burgess

    A resource book for anyone who is planning a funeral. You may be a family member or a friend of someone who has died. You may be planning your own funeral. You may arrange and conduct funerals professionally. Here you will find an abundance of words and ideas for celebrating a life in ways that are personal and honest. Learn More

    RRP: £10.90

    £10.20 ex VAT

  8. The Pieces We Keep

    The Pieces We Keep (Downloadable book)

    Katie Munnik

    A collection of short stories told by vivid voices, charting the changing cycles and seasons of the year, and reflecting the liturgical patterns of the church and all the weathers of our hearts. Learn More
    £5.10 ex VAT

  9. Grace Will Walk Us Home

    Grace Will Walk Us Home (Downloadable book)

    Thom M Shuman

    A whole year of daily short prayers, or 'nudges', inspired by the Bible – to speak to heart and soul. Learn More

    RRP: £7.80

    £6.80 ex VAT

  10. A Way of Knowing

    A Way of Knowing (Downloadable book)

    Joy Mead

    A book about small things and little occasions, the smells, colours, sounds, the looking, perceiving, thinking, remembering of our lives and the love that makes them significant. In a mix of poems, stories and material suitable for private or public reflection it explores our knowing and our unknowing. It celebrates the validity of all experience. Learn More

    RRP: £7.80

    £6.80 ex VAT

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