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  1. Innkeepers and Light Sleepers (CD)

    Innkeepers and Light Sleepers (CD)

    John L. Bell, Graham Maule and the Wild Goose Collective.

    A range of gutsy and earthy congregational, choral and solo songs very different from traditional Christmas carols – from the songbook of the same name. Learn More

    RRP: £15.31

    £13.61 ex VAT

  2. singing the unsung

    Singing the Unsung

    John Bell

    A new DVD resource designed especially for music leaders, worship design teams, and pastors seeking the revitalisation of worship for the 21st century. Guides the participants' reflection on the theology of the Church's song and offers practical techniques on how to sing and pray together with integrity. Learn More

  3. First Light

    First Light

    John Dominic Crossan and Marcus Borg

    A 12-session DVD and web-based study of the historical Jesus and the Kingdom of God with two of the world's leading Jesus scholars on location throughout the Galilee and Jerusalem. Learn More

  4. Other Fish to Fry

    Other Fish to Fry (PDF download)

    Sandra Sears

    Digital download: A poetic meditation on John 21:1–14, the breakfast by the lake after Jesus’ resurrection, and the other ‘fish he had to fry’ during his life. 2 pages. Learn More
    £1.65 ex VAT

  5. Known Unknowns

    Known Unknowns

    John L Bell & Graham Maule

    One hundred 21st-century hymn texts by John L Bell & Graham Maule that can be sung to familiar tunes - making the most of minimal congregational song resources in an accessible and resilient way. Special pricing for bulk buys. Learn More

    RRP: £11.50

    £9.99 As low as: £7.00

  6. A Good Friday Liturgy

    A Good Friday Liturgy (PDF download)

    Jan Sutch Pickard

    Digital download: A moving liturgy for Good Friday, alternating Bible readings and prayers, with some suggested songs. Jan is a former Warden of Iona Abbey. 6 pages. Learn More
    £2.20 ex VAT

  7. Prayers for Holy Week

    Prayers for Holy Week (PDF download)

    John Harvey

    Digital download: Prayers for each day of Holy Week to help us reflect on the unfolding events of that period and relate them to our own lives. John is a former Leader of the Iona Community. 12 pages Learn More
    £2.60 ex VAT

  8. Waiting for Emmanuel

    Waiting for Emmanuel (PDF download)

    Pat Bennett & John L Bell

    Digital download: Two sets of responses to be used over the Sundays of Advent, plus a new Advent carol – words by Pat Bennett and music by John L Bell. 4 pages. Learn More
    £1.90 ex VAT

  9. The Courage to Say No (CD)

    The Courage to Say No (CD)

    John L Bell and Graham Maule

    Tracing the sometimes sure, sometimes faltering steps of Jesus and his followers through the entire season of Lent, to Easter Day and then beyond, these songs allow us to reflect on their progress, enter their experience and ultimately to make their confusion, doubt, joy and liberation our own. Many are four-part harmony, which will be satisfying for music groups or choirs to sing, as well as being accessible to congregations. Learn More

    RRP: £15.31

    £13.61 ex VAT

  10. Psalms of Patience, Protest & Praise

    Psalms of Patience, Protest & Praise (CD)

    John L Bell

    Eighteen of the songs from the Psalms of Patience, Protest and Praise songbook. Songs from the Psalms, paraphrased and arranged by John Bell. Learn More

    RRP: £15.31

    £13.61 ex VAT

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