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  1. A Wicked Fist (Downloadable book)

    A Wicked Fist (Downloadable book)

    Eve McDougall

    1 Review(s)
    A true and shocking story of a juvenile locked up in an adult prison that raises many public issues concerning penal affairs, after-care, rehabilitation and delinquency. Learn More

    RRP: £7.80

    £6.80 ex VAT

  2. Coming In (Downloadable book)

    Coming In (Downloadable book)

    Urs Mattmann

    2 Review(s)
    Gays and lesbians reclaiming the spiritual journey. The author, a member of an ecumenical Christian order, explores a mystic spirituality for gay and lesbian people and describes numerous practical steps that they can take in order to connect with their... Learn More

    RRP: £8.50

    £7.80 ex VAT

  3. Exile in Israel (Downloadable book)

    Exile in Israel (Downloadable book)

    Runa Mackay

    An autobiographical account of forty years in the life of a British doctor working with victims of war and exile in Israel, Lebanon and the Occupied Territories, giving an insight into the historical roots of the current situation. Learn More

    RRP: £7.50

    £6.80 ex VAT

  4. Reinventing Theology (Downloadable book)

    Reinventing Theology (Downloadable book)

    Ian M Fraser

    Ian Fraser entered industry in 1942 as the first of what became a worker-priest/pastor movement. This book's underlying conviction is that just as ministry belongs to more than only the clergy, so does the task of theologising belong to all and not just to the professional theologian. Learn More

    RRP: £6.80

    £5.30 ex VAT

  5. A Book of Blessings (Downloadable book)

    A Book of Blessings (Downloadable book)

    Ruth Burgess

    1 Review(s)
    A collection of blessings for the people, celebrations, sadnesses, artefacts, special occasions and journeys of our lives. It also explores the tradition of blessings, including biblical and Celtic, and offers ideas and resources to encourage readers... Learn More

    RRP: £7.80

    £6.80 ex VAT

  6. Down to Earth (Downloadable book)

    Down to Earth (Downloadable book)

    Neil Paynter & Iain Campbell (Illustrator)

    1 Review(s)
    A book about searching for, and finding, Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit in down-to-earth places. ‘Neil writes about a world where hearts matter and in which vulnerable folk can teach us much.’ – Peter Millar, from the Foreword Learn More

    RRP: £9.70

    £9.10 ex VAT

  7. Eggs and Ashes (Downloadable book)

    Eggs and Ashes (Downloadable book)

    Ruth Burgess & Chris Polhill

    Modern, relevant resources to accompany readers through Lent and Easter for many years, with material for Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Mothering Sunday, Palm Sunday and Holy Week, as well as suggestions for a Lent discipline. Learn More

    RRP: £10.90

    £10.20 ex VAT

  8. The Green Heart of the Snowdrop (Downloadable book)

    The Green Heart of the Snowdrop (Downloadable book)

    Kate McIlhagga

    The best of Kate McIlhagga's work in one collection. Includes poems and prayers of gathering and beginning; creation and self; Advent and Epiphany; Lent and mothering; Easter and Pentecost; pilgrimage and endings and blessings. Learn More

    RRP: £10.90

    £10.20 ex VAT

  9. Invocations (Downloadable book)

    Invocations (Downloadable book)

    Richard Skinner

    From earthworms to CD-ROMs, from starfish to blizzards, from electrons to garden forks, from doubt to a shout of laughter … This beautiful little book of invocations inspired by creatures, conditions and objects in the world around us which reflect and are a metaphor for aspects of God or the Divine will resonate with individuals and groups of any or no particular religious or spiritual allegiance. Learn More

    RRP: £4.25

    £3.60 ex VAT

  10. The Gospel of Joseph of Arimathea (Downloadable book)

    The Gospel of Joseph of Arimathea (Downloadable book)

    James Harpur

    After the crucifixion, Joseph embarks on a quest to find out who Jesus really was, seeking out those who knew him personally. These witnesses, all mentioned in the gospels, tell their stories, each contributing a unique insight into the Nazarene. Learn More

    RRP: £8.20

    £7.50 ex VAT

Items 51 to 60 of 287 total

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