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  1. Pathways for Pilgrims (Downloadable book)

    Pathways for Pilgrims (Downloadable book)

    Chris King

    A resource for individuals and groups wishing to explore the Iona Community's integrated approach to spirituality in the space of four weeks. Each week covers an area of the Community’’s engagement and the days include a ‘community experience’, a Bible reading, material for reflection, prayers and thoughts to ponder. Learn More

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  2. Outside the Safe Place

    Outside the Safe Place (Downloadable book)

    Anne Muir

    In 2004, the Iona Community became concerned that many of those who could bear witness to its early days were by then in their 70s or 80s. As a result, they commissioned an oral history project, so that their testimonies would not be lost. This book is based on the recordings of their stories. Learn More

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  3. Against the Tide

    Against the Tide

    Warren Bardsley

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    An accessible, popular account of the 7th-century life of Adomnán of Iona, from his boyhood in Donegal to his death as Abbot of Iona, with an emphasis on the contemporary significance of his Law of Innocents – a revolutionary law which in its own day was as significant as the Geneva Conventions or the UN Declaration of Human Rights. Learn More

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  4. A Wee Worship Book: Fourth Incarnation

    A Wee Worship Book: Fourth Incarnation

    Wild Goose Worship Group

    A completely revised and expanded edition of this collection of liturgies for morning, day, evening, Holy Communion and healing services and there are revised liturgies from the original edition. Aimed primarily at participative worship with shared leadership, it includes optional methods of scriptural reflection and prayer with symbolic action. Learn More

    RRP: £11.50


  5. Advent Readings from Iona - front

    Advent Readings from Iona

    Brian Woodcock & Jan Sutch Pickard

    Celebrate Christmas with reflections and prayers for each day of Advent. This effective antidote to the commercialism of the festive season can be used for individual meditation or group worship. The authors are former Wardens of Iona Abbey and the MacLeod Centre on the Isle of Iona. Learn More

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  6. Chasing the Wild Goose

    Chasing the Wild Goose

    Ronald Ferguson

    The history of the Iona Community including the work of George MacLeod whose inspiration placed Iona firmly on the Christian map once again in the twentieth century. Learn More

    RRP: £13.50


  7. Daily Readings with George MacLeod

    Daily Readings with George MacLeod

    Ron Ferguson (ed), George MacLeod

    Readings from the founder of the Iona Community. Many lives were changed by George MacLeod’s spine-tingling sermons, and many more by his personal example. These extracts give a flavour of the passion and poetry of the Celtic mystic who led the rebuilding of Iona Abbey. Learn More

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  8. Each Day & Each Night

    Each Day & Each Night

    J. Philip Newell

    A six-day cycle of prayer in the Celtic tradition, incorporating the daily themes used in Iona Abbey: justice and peace, prayer for healing, care for the earth, commitment to Christ, the communion of heaven and earth, and welcome and hospitality. Includes a lectionary of psalms and gospel readings. Learn More

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  9. Gathered and Scattered - front

    Gathered and Scattered

    Neil Paynter

    Daily readings for four months from a wide range of contributors within the Iona Community, reflecting the concerns of the community. A follow-up to the best-selling This Is the Day. Learn More

    RRP: £13.99


  10. George MacLeod

    George MacLeod

    Ron Ferguson

    1 Review(s)
    The definitive biography of one of the twentieth century’s most fascinating and influential churchmen, an outspoken challenger to the status quo and the founder of the radical and often controversial Iona Community. Learn More

    RRP: £14.99


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