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Christ of the Celts (Downloadable book)

J. Philip Newell

The healing of creation

SKU/ISBN: 9781849520690

Internationally acclaimed for his work on Celtic spirituality, John Philip Newell here addresses the question ‘‘Who is Christ for us today?’’ As increasing numbers of people are attracted to the Celtic vision with its focus on the environment and its sense of the sacred existing in all things and creatures, the author explores what it is that makes Celtic spirituality particularly relevant for the modern world. In doing so he draws on long-hidden documents, such as The Gospel of Thomas, The Secret Book of John and The Acts of John and the great teachers of the Celtic world such as Irenaeus, Eriugena and Teilhard de Chardin.

To look at Christ in the light of Celtic spirituality brings up for examination the divisive doctrines of the past that had more to do with the state’’s need to control people than with any true spiritual teaching. By contrast, a spirituality that combines the best features of the Celtic heritage with the new earth consciousness of today is one of essential harmony between Christ and creation. At the core of Christ’s teaching is the truth that we are most deeply divine precisely when we are most deeply human, and in reclaiming Christianity for the people and the human soul lies the potential for its rebirthing as a spirituality revelant for the 21st century.

‘This graceful, wise and important book is a superb introduction
to the treasures of Celtic Christianity for our time.’

- Marcus Borg, author of Meeting Jesus Again for the First Time



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Additional Information

Subline The healing of creation
Authors Newell, J. Philip
Author(s) J. Philip Newell
ISBN 9781849520690
Date Added 10 Feb 2009


March 2008Review by Publishers Weekly
'Diagnosing the human soul with a longing for peace in the face of fear and fragmentation nurtured by global political forces and fundamentalisms, Newell offers the ancient traditions of Celtic Christianity as a way forward in healing humankind and the earth. An international retreat leader who is the former warden of Scotland's Iona Abbey, the author of Listening for the Heartbeat of God argues we discover unity as we become connected to one another and "allow ourselves to be surprised by the Presence that is within creation and within the human soul". Drawing on ancient and contemporary sources both within and outside the conventional Christian canon, Newell is critical of, and offers alternatives to, ancient Christian doctrines like creation ex nihilo (out of nothing), original sin and substitutionary atonement.' (Posted on 26/12/2012)

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