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  1. Love for the Future (Downloadable book)

    Love for the Future (Downloadable book)

    David Osborne

    David Osborne tells the story of his long pilgrimage on foot from the middle of England to the island of Iona, and how he reflected along the way on the qualities we need to develop in ourselves for the journey we face into the future as we contend with climate change, pollution and diminishing resources. Learn More

    RRP: £8.90

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  2. Columba

    Columba (Downloadable book)

    Ian Bradley

    lan Bradley examines the life, character and achievements of St Columba and attempts to strip away the layers of myth and historical distortion that have grown up around accounts of Columba’s life and heritage. He also explores the distinctive nature of Columban Christianity and its message – not always a comfortable one – for us today. Written originally for the 1400th anniversary in 1997 of Columba's death. Learn More

    RRP: £7.80

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  3. A Storehouse of Kingdom Things

    A Storehouse of Kingdom Things (Downloadable book)

    Ian M Fraser

    Ian Fraser has been a prophet in our land –– and far beyond –– for the lifetimes of most of us. Here he reflects on the banking crisis and the world order, getting rid of war, Israel and Palestine, the USA and Cuba, fundamentalism, proselytism and evangelism, law and grace, the theology of fashion and much more. Learn More

    RRP: £8.50

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  4. Ready or Not

    Ready or Not (Downloadable book)

    Ruth Harvey

    An original collection of stories, reflections, meditations, poems, songs and dialogues about recalling the wisdom of our own childhood thoughts and being open to what children in our midst have to share with us about God, faith, life, death and spirituality. Learn More

    RRP: £7.80

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  5. Parables of Northern Seed

    Parables of Northern Seed (Downloadable book)

    Alastair McIntosh

    This anthology shares the best of Alastair McIntosh's BBC radio Prayer and Thought for the Day pieces from nearly a decade. Here is that of God, transcendent, yet also here and now, immanent, within the day’s hard news. Alastair is a Quaker and author of books including Soil and Soul and Island Spirituality. Learn More

    RRP: £7.80

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  6. The Landscape Below

    The Landscape Below (Downloadable book)

    Bruce C Ball

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    Aimed at all concerned about the environment, this book presents a radical vision of the future of farming and community life, based on hidden insights from the life and spirit of the soil and on the author’s experiences of growing up in the small, agricultural community of Clatt in North-East Scotland. With a Foreword by Alastair McIntosh, author of Soil and Soul. Learn More

    RRP: £7.49

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  7. In the Mists on the Shoreline

    In the Mists on the Shoreline (Downloadable book)

    Chris Polhill

    The spiritual encounter with the ‘otherness’ that Christians call God is part of the experience of being human, recognised down the ages. In this book you will find a wide variety of spiritual experiences openly explored – from the mystical to the practical, from very personal reflections, to stories with passion for social justice. Learn More
    £4.90 ex VAT

  8. We Will Seek Peace and Pursue It

    We Will Seek Peace and Pursue It (Downloadable book)

    Neil Paynter

    A book of readings, reflections and prayers about ‘the bombs and bullets and landmines we drop into the heart of other people’s lives’ – and the many good folk working for peace and reconciliation at home and abroad. It can be used for personal and group reflection or in worship. Learn More

    RRP: £7.80

    £6.80 ex VAT

  9. The Warriors Who Do Not Fight

    The Warriors Who Do Not Fight (Downloadable book)

    Alison Phipps & Tawona Sitholé

    In September 2015 the world woke up to the fact that people seeking refuge from war and persecution were drowning by their thousands in the Mediterranean. The authors offer a conversation in poetry for these times of war, and for those separated by land, sea and paperwork. Learn More

    RRP: £6.66

    £5.10 ex VAT

  10. Field with a View

    Field with a View (Downloadable book)

    Katharine M Preston

    Challenges us to think more deeply about the human condition and our choices in this time of ever-increasing climate disturbance. For scientists leery of faith, people of faith who know and love the miracles of science, and anybody who shares the vision of the planet as a sacred community. Learn More

    RRP: £6.50

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