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  1. The Sound of Iona

    The Sound of Iona (Audio download)

    Kenneth Steven

    Poetry and music inspired by the landscape of the island of Iona. For those who know Iona as much as for those who have always wanted to find a way of reaching Columba's holy isle. Learn More
    £4.16 ex VAT

  2. Iona of My Heart

    Iona of My Heart (Downloadable book)

    Neil Paynter

    Stories celebrating the ‘Iona effect’ – about different folk coming together – people from different countries and backgrounds. Stories of encounter, challenge, exchange, connection, transformation. Stories about people and the power of the Spirit … Learn More
    £6.80 ex VAT

  3. The Cloisters of Iona Abbey

    The Cloisters of Iona Abbey (PDF download)

    Ewan Mathers

    Beautiful photographs depicting in detail the carvings of the restored cloisters of Iona Abbey, with text reflecting on the meaning of each design and information about the flora and fauna of the Isle of Iona and beyond, which most of the carvings represent. This use of symbols from the natural world reflects the close links of the early Celtic Christians with the land around them. Learn More

    RRP: £6.66

    £5.10 ex VAT

  4. Iona Abbey Worship Book

    Iona Abbey Worship Book (New revised edition) (Downloadable book)

    The Iona Community

    A new edition which has been extensively revised and rearranged to include about 80% new material. The services draw on many traditions, including the Celtic, and aim to help us to be fully present to God, who is fully present to us – in our neighbour, in the political and social activity of the world around us, and in the very centre and soul of our being. Learn More

    RRP: £9.99

    £8.50 ex VAT

  5. A Wee Book of Iona Poems

    A Wee Book of Iona Poems (Downloadable book)

    Kenneth Steven

    These haiku-like poems arise out of Kenneth Steven’s perception of the Iona landscape. They have the sense of wonder, seeing, and being in the moment that many of us experience when spending time on this jewel-like island in a turquoise sea. Learn More

    RRP: £4.50

    £3.90 ex VAT

  6. Outside the Safe Place

    Outside the Safe Place (Downloadable book)

    Anne Muir

    In 2004, the Iona Community became concerned that many of those who could bear witness to its early days were by then in their 70s or 80s. As a result, they commissioned an oral history project, so that their testimonies would not be lost. This book is based on the recordings of their stories. Learn More

    RRP: £8.90

    £8.50 ex VAT

  7. Eternity Dipping Into Time

    Eternity Dipping Into Time (PDF Download)

    Kathy Galloway

    Digital download: The passion which Iona still evokes, its enduring hold on the religious imagination, demands a deeper questioning than that suggested by a long-ago saint in an obscure location. At least part of the answer lies in the appeal of what has come to be known as Celtic Christianity. Kathy Galloway shows how numerous factors come together to support a grounded and engaged spirituality. Learn More
    £2.75 ex VAT

  8. Around a Thin Place (Downloadable book)

    Around a Thin Place (Downloadable book)

    Jane Bentley & Neil Paynter

    A full-colour guide to the Iona Pilgrimage, both off-road and on-road, including a rich collection of readings, prayers, poems, photographs, songs, stories and reflections. For visitors to the island and 'armchair pilgrims' alike. Learn More

    RRP: £9.50

    £9.00 ex VAT

  9. Pilgrim's Guide to Iona Abbey (Downloadable book)

    A Pilgrim’s Guide to Iona Abbey (Downloadable book)

    Chris Polhill

    This guidebook with colour photographs takes you around the church and cloisters of Iona Abbey, giving you background information on the main features and providing suggestions for reflection and prayer at each point. Also included are some stories about... Learn More

    RRP: £4.98

    £4.20 ex VAT

  10. Out of Iona (Downloadable book) cover

    Out of Iona (Downloadable book)

    Jan Sutch Pickard

    Poems, readings and reflections which capture not only the wildness and beauty of the island of Iona but also the pressures and gifts of living in a community on an island of pilgrimage. Learn More

    RRP: £8.50

    £7.80 ex VAT

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