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Growing Up With God

Nancy Cocks

Using stories to explore a child's faith and life

SKU/ISBN: 9781901557749

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How can you help children to ‘grow up with God’? One way is through storytelling. By telling children stories that speak of their concerns, by listening to their own stories, and by exploring their questions, you can help them to grow up trusting that God will be at the centre of their lives.

Have fun getting to know Fergie the Frog and others through Nancy Cocks’s wonderful stories as you and the children you care about find new ways to experience and grow closer to God in everyday life.

Growing up with God is for parents and grandparents, teachers, ministers and priests – indeed for any adult who cares about the spiritual lives of children. But be warned: your heart will not escape untouched! What matters to children often matters deeply to adults as well. We all can learn to trust God’s presence more deeply. Whatever our age, we can ‘grow up’ with God.

Nancy Cocks, a Canadian Presbyterian minister who has used storytelling in her ministry for over twenty years, has been Deputy Warden with the Iona Community on the Isle of Iona. She is the author of the best-selling Fergie the Frog adventures for young readers (Novalis) and Invisible We See You (Wild Goose Publications and Novalis).

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Additional Information

Subline Using stories to explore a child's faith and life
Authors Cocks, Nancy
Author(s) Nancy Cocks
ISBN 9781901557749
Date Added 7 Feb 2009


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