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  1. From Darkness to Eastering

    From Darkness to Eastering (Downloadable book)

    Bonnie B Thurston

    Reflective, powerful poems about how, on a cosmic and a personal level, darkness gives way to light, reminding us that ‘light shines in the darkness’, that darkness is required to perceive light – and that Easter means the light has come, life triumphs, and the promised Holy Spirit will empower us for growth: ‘eastering’ … Learn More

    RRP: £6.66

    £5.10 ex VAT

  2. Wild Goose Big Book of Liturgies

    Wild Goose Big Book of Liturgies (Downloadable book)

    The Iona Community

    Liturgies from the Iona Community for numerous festivals, special occasions and areas of concern. Full communion services and shorts acts of worship; liturgies for small groups and all-age gatherings; worship rooted in church life and the Iona Community’s resident group on Iona, in social justice and pastoral work. Learn More
    £10.20 ex VAT

  3. We Bring You Everything

    We Bring You Everything, and Tip it Out in Front of You (Downloadable book)

    The Iona Community

    New prayers, in the ‘Celtic’ tradition, for the whole of life - from chopping carrots or doing the laundry to healing our deeply wounded world. Learn More
    £5.10 ex VAT

  4. Colliding with God

    Colliding with God (Downloadable book)

    Richard Skinner

    Witty and reflective poems of faith and doubt, ranging from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden to the events of the first Easter, taking in on the way Julian of Norwich’s hazelnut, Mastermind, God as a blizzard, and the eighth deadly sin. Learn More

    RRP: £6.50

    £5.10 ex VAT

  5. Wild Goose Big Book of Worship Resources

    Wild Goose Big Book of Worship Resources (Downloadable book)

    The Iona Community

    A wide-ranging collection of resources for Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, Transfiguration, Harvest, Holocaust Memorial Day, Mothering Sunday, and other special days and areas of concern. Learn More
    £10.99 ex VAT

  6. The Sun Slowly Rises

    The Sun Slowly Rises (Downloadable book)

    Neil Paynter

    Bible readings, reflections and prayers for the days of Holy Week, and a large section of resources, all from members, associates and friends of the Iona Community. Learn More

    RRP: £7.80

    £6.80 ex VAT

  7. Iona Abbey Worship Book

    Iona Abbey Worship Book (New revised edition) (Downloadable book)

    The Iona Community

    A new edition which has been extensively revised and rearranged to include about 80% new material. The services draw on many traditions, including the Celtic, and aim to help us to be fully present to God, who is fully present to us – in our neighbour, in the political and social activity of the world around us, and in the very centre and soul of our being. Learn More

    RRP: £9.99

    £8.50 ex VAT

  8. Winter

    Winter (Downloadable book)

    Ruth Burgess

    This liturgical resource book covering November, December and January includes prayers, stories, responses, songs, poems, reflections, liturgies and meditations for the major Christian festivals and other occasions that fall during these months. Learn More

    RRP: £10.90

    £10.20 ex VAT

  9. Open Our Eyes

    Open Our Eyes (Downloadable book)

    Ann Gerondelis

    A welcome accompaniment to the Advent days of anticipating Christ’s birth. Follow its invitation of prophetic prayers and vibrant full-colour artwork to watch and wait for the coming of the Holy One. Open your eyes and heart to the wideness of God, and God’s gentle but persistent call for justice and mercy. Learn More

    RRP: £4.99

    £4.50 ex VAT

  10. A Pocket Full of Crumbs

    A Pocket Full of Crumbs (Downloadable book)

    Jan Sutch Pickard

    Poems of strong and well-crafted connections – between communities in the West of Scotland and the West Bank Palestinian territories; between prayer and politics; between a lyrical delight in the natural world – and down-to-earth living, observed with warmth and humour. Learn More

    RRP: £6.50

    £5.10 ex VAT

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