Living Letters of the Word

Readings and Meditations from the Iona CommunityReadings and Meditations from the Iona Community

‘Living Letters of the Word’ will be published by Wild Goose in the first part of 2012. The book contains daily readings by Peter Macdonald, Alison Swinfen, Peter Millar, Nancy Cocks, Kathy Galloway, David McNeish, Jan Sutch Pickard, Pat Bennett, John Davies, Rosemary Power, Brian Woodcock, Donald Eadie, Ruth Burgess, Warren Bardsley, Iain Whyte, Ian M Fraser, John & Molly Harvey and many, many other members, associates and friends … with some lovely photos of Iona and community life by David Coleman.

Living Letters is the follow-up to This Is the Day and Gathered and Scattered.

It’s a pleasure to work on such a rich book, with such a range of voices. I hope you like it too when it comes out.

Best to you in 2012.