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Our new download this week is from Chris Polhill, focusing on how we treat our planet among other matters.

The end of June marked the 25th anniversary of the death of George MacLeod, the Iona Community’s founder. For those who are interested in exploring his fascinating story and his poetic and passionate prayers, we have gathered together some information and links below.

Photo: North end Iona on midsummer evening © David Coleman


New download

We Will Tread the Earth Lightly download transspaser

We Will Tread the Earth Lightly (PDF download)

A service of lamentation to liberate us for action

Chris Polhill

Digital download: A liturgy lamenting the greed that damages the planet, the suffering of refugees and displaced people, and decline in faith.

Lamenting allows us to grieve together and offer our sorrows to God. The value of lamentation is that it can unfreeze us – and lead to action.

Chris Polhill is a member of the Iona Community and one of the first women to be ordained a priest in the Church of England. She longs for the healing of the planet and for the kind of equality that realises people’s giftedness regardless of who they are.

10 pages

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All about George MacLeod

Daily Readings with George MacLeod transspaser

Daily Readings with George MacLeod

The founder of the Iona Community

(Book and e-book)

Ron Ferguson

Readings from the founder of the Iona Community. Many lives were changed by George MacLeod’s spine-tingling sermons, and many more by his personal example. These extracts give a flavour of the passion and poetry of the Celtic mystic who led the rebuilding of Iona Abbey, and whose theology was worked out not in the study, but out on the street.

Invisible we see You, Christ beneath us.
With earthly eyes we see beneath us stones and dust and dross,
fit subjects for the analyst’s table.
But with the eye of faith, we know You uphold.
In You all things consist and hang together:
the very atom is light energy,
the grass is vibrant,
the rocks pulsate.

All is in flux; turn but a stone and an angel moves.
Underneath are the everlasting arms.
Unknowable we know You, Christ beneath us.

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George MacLeod biography transspaser

George MacLeod

A biography of the founder of the Iona Community

(Book and e-book)

Ron Ferguson

The definitive study of one of the twentieth century's most fascinating and influential churchmen, an outspoken challenger to the status quo and the founder of the radical and often controversial Iona Community, which over the years has trained clergy for work in deprived areas, produced innovative worship for the world church, pleaded for disarmament, inveighed against world hunger and advocated joint ecumenical action on social issues.

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The Whole Earth Shall Cry Glory transspaser

The Whole Earth Shall Cry Glory

Iona prayers

(Book and e-book)

George F MacLeod

A collection of poems and prayers by the founder of the Iona Community, with images of the island.

'To be in a seat at Iona Abbey, to be moved by the awesome oratory of a MacLeod sermon in full flood, to be led into the nearer presence of God by means of kaleidoscopic, imaginative prayer, was to be privileged and - more importantly - to be changed.'
Ron Ferguson, former Leader of the Iona Community

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Every Blessed Thing audio CD transspaser

Every Blessed Thing (audio CD)

An evening with George MacLeod

Written by Ron Ferguson & performed by Tom Fleming

The one-man play Every Blessed Thing has won standing ovations from packed houses in London, Edinburgh, New York and Toronto. Recorded in a state-of-the-art studio, it is now available for the first time on CD.

In Every Blessed Thing, Ron Ferguson intends the listener to spend an evening in George MacLeod’s company. The evening is based on George MacLeod’s conversations with the author, along with material drawn from the subject’s sermons, prayers, diaries, letters and stories.

Actor Tom Fleming, who performs the play, writes: 'For those of us who had the privilege of knowing [George MacLeod] the memory remains bright and vibrant. For those of you who did not have that privilege, or who might have lacked the stamina to spend two hours in his company – an experience someone once likened to being mugged in the East end of Glasgow – my hope is that, as you listen to this CD, you will find yourself in the company of that remarkable, complex, endearing and uncomfortable human being.'

(Double CD pack. We have only a few copies of this item left in stock, although we hope to make it available as an audio download in the future.)

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Only One Way Left transspaser

Only One Way Left

(Book and e-book)

George F MacLeod

Only One Way Left is based on a memorable series of the Cunningham Lectures delivered in 1954 by the founder of the Iona Community at New College, Edinburgh, where the audience increased from lecture to lecture until there was standing room only.

Disturbed by the Church’s comparative failure to influence the crises of the mid-20th century, George MacLeod’s analysis was that it had forgotten both the unique centre of the Christian approach – that God became a human being – and the truth that the Christian faith can only be comprehended in a consciousness of total community.

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Sermon 1947 by George MacLeod audio download transspaser

Sermon, 1947

(Audio download - mp3)

George F MacLeod

A sermon given by George MacLeod at the Church of St Andrew and St Paul, Montreal in 1947, recorded on a 78 rpm vinyl or shellac disk and recently transferred to digital format.

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An invitation to contribute to a book

Send your Iona stories for a new Wild Goose book

WGP editor Neil Paynter says:

‘I’m currently editing a book of short daily readings to help highlight and support the Iona Community’s Capital Appeal. I’m looking for those human stories from Iona. You know the ones – we all have them. Stories about people and the power of the Spirit. About different folk coming together – from different countries, backgrounds … Stories of encounter, challenge, exchange, transformation – that show why Iona and what the Iona Community does there is important to the world. That give it a human face.’

Deadline: July 30, 2016. Word count: Approximately 500 words.

Please send contributions to: neil@ionabooks.com


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