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It's Mothering Sunday or Mother's Day on March 31st in the UK, although later elsewhere. We suggest some resources for celebrating it, along with more Lent and Easter downloads.

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Resources for Mothering Sunday

Underneath are the Everlasting Arms download transspaser

Underneath are the Everlasting Arms (PDF download)

A reflection for Mothering Sunday

Joy Mead

Digital download: A reflection for Mothering Sunday on the nature of mothering. Encompassing waiting, cherishing, birthing and sustaining, watching and trusting, mothering is a universal way of being which is at the heart of life and nurture. Taken from the book A Way of Knowing, by Joy Mead. 6 pages.

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Mother God download transspaser

Mother God (PDF download)

A liturgy for Mothering Sunday

Sally Foster-Fulton

Digital download: A full liturgy for Mother's Day – a meditation on God as mother, on the creative imagination of the divine, and ourselves as the children of God’s love. 6 pages.

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Mothering God download transspaser

Mothering God (PDF download)

Reflections for Mothering Sunday

Ruth Harvey

Digital download: Reflections and meditations on what it is to be a mother and on new models of God. Can be used for personal contemplation or as readings in a service or group. 9 pages.

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Mothering Sunday download transspaser

Mothering Sunday (PDF download)

Various contributors

Digital download: Prayers, responses and a reading for Mothering Sunday, taken from the book Eggs and Ashes by Ruth Burgess and Chris Polhill. 11 pages.

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More downloads for Lent & Easter

The Briefest of Encounters download transspaser

The Briefest of Encounters (PDF download)

Glendon Macaulay

Digital download: A guided meditation on the entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, taken from the book Dirt, Mess and Danger, by Glendon Macaulay. 2 pages.

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Two Hymns for Holy Week download transspaser

Two Hymns for Holy Week (PDF download)

Pat Bennett

Digital download: Two hymns (words only) to be sung to traditional tunes:
The Way: A hymn for Maundy Thursday, referencing John 14, which can be sung to the tune Picardy; and Easter Windows: A hymn for Easter Sunday Eve, to be sung to the tune Nun danket all.

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Prayers for Holy Week download transspaser

Prayers for Holy Week (PDF download)

For personal or group use

John Harvey

Digital download: Prayers for each day of Holy Week to help us reflect on the unfolding events of that period and relate them to our own lives. 12 pages.

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An Easter Pilgrimage download transspaser

An Easter Pilgrimage (PDF download)

Dave Broom

Digital download: A pilgrimage for the start of Holy Week, mainly in the form of dramatic scripts for each stopping point. Although based on the weekly Iona pilgrimage, it can be adapted for any local environment, including urban ones, or even be used within the church itself. Taken from the book The Cross in the Marketplace, by Dave Broom. 34 pages.

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Prayers for the Journey to Easter  download transspaser

Prayers for the Journey to Easter (PDF download)

Elaine Gisbourne

Digital download: Four substantial meditative prayers for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday. 6 pages.

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For all Lent & Easter books

For all Lent & Easter downloads

Lent and Easter books


Recently published

Field With a View transspaser

Field With a View

Science and faith in a time of climate change

(Book & e-book)

Katharine M Preston

Katharine Preston challenges us to think more deeply about the human condition and our choices in this time of ever-increasing climate disturbance.

Moved by the landscapes surrounding her home, Wild Orchard Farm, and drawing on both her ecological and theological training, she writes for scientists leery of faith, people of faith who know and love the miracles of science, and anybody who shares the vision of the planet as a sacred community.

Katharine studied anthropology as an undergraduate at Brandeis University, learning from indigenous American cultures about the place of humans in the natural world. She went on to gain a Master’s in Forest Science from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and a Master’s of Divinity from Andover Newton Theological School. She and her husband, John Bingham, live in Essex, New York and are active associates of the Iona Community.

Fascinating theological reflection – grounded in the real world, and in the greatest crisis of our time on earth. I’m so glad someone is asking these questions.
Bill McKibben
Author Falter: Has the Human Game Begun to Play Itself Out?

There will be more books like this. There have to be. But read this one now, and be uplifted by Katharine’s sense of wonder, fed by her scientific and theological literacy, her experiential reasoning, and her realistic and timely passion for the Earth and all its creatures in this, our age of accelerating climate crisis.
David Coleman
Environmental Chaplain with Eco-Congregation Scotland

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Spring transspaser


Liturgical resources for February, March and April including Lent and Holy Week

(Book & e-book)

Ruth Burgess

Spring is a liturgical resource book that covers the months of February, March and April. It includes prayers, responses, stories, songs, poems, liturgies, reflections, scripts and monologues for the major Christian festivals and fast days of Lent and Holy Week, as well as for Candlemas, Fair Trade Fortnight and Earth Day. The material is written by Iona Community members, associates, friends and others.

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