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Downloads for Pentecost

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Pentecost is Now download transspaser

Pentecost is Now (PDF download)

A short act of worship

Joy Mead

Digital download: A short liturgy for Pentecost. ‘Pentecost isn’t a once and for all happening but ongoing and energising hope here, now, in this world, in this place. It’s about that which sustains us, enables us, provokes a just anger and arouses compassion. It’s about spirit-filled life bursting out of encounter with darkness and suffering …’ 4 pages.

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Journey Towards Pentecost download transspaser

Journey Towards Pentecost (PDF download)

A nine-day devotional

Kathryn Turner

Digital download: This devotional, for individual or group use, begins on the Friday after Ascension Thursday and finishes on the day before Pentecost Sunday. Over the nine days the Gospel is used as a starting point for a time of reflection and prayer. 

The outline for each day:

  • Reading: a short extract from the Gospel, with reference to the full text
  • Wondering: a few questions relating to the reading
  • Contemplation: Lectio Divina (the slow, prayerful reading of the scriptures)/ Gospel contemplation (putting yourself in the scene)
  • Reflection: some thoughts and questions
  • Prayer: concerns and a prayer invoking the Holy Spirit

19 pages

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For World Environment Day

June 5th

Resurrection, Laughter and New Life download transspaser

The Landscape Below

Soil, soul and agriculture

(Book & e-book)

Bruce C Ball

Aimed at all concerned about the environment, this book presents a radical vision of the future of farming and community life, based on hidden insights from the life and spirit of the soil and on the author’s experiences of growing up in the small, agricultural community of Clatt in North-East Scotland. Bruce Ball is a soils specialist with a research and consultancy career spanning more than 35 years.

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Field With a View transspaser

Field With a View

Science and faith in a time of climate change

(Book & e-book)

Katharine M Preston

Katharine Preston challenges us to think more deeply about the human condition and our choices in this time of ever-increasing climate disturbance.

Moved by the landscapes surrounding her home, Wild Orchard Farm, and drawing on both her ecological and theological training, she writes for scientists leery of faith, people of faith who know and love the miracles of science, and anybody who shares the vision of the planet as a sacred community.

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We Will Tread the Earth Lightly download transspaser

We Will Tread the Earth Lightly (PDF download)

A service of lamentation to liberate us for action

Chris Polhill

Digital download: A liturgy lamenting the greed that damages the planet, the suffering of refugees and displaced people, and decline in faith. Lamenting allows us to grieve together and offer our sorrows to God. The value of lamentation is that it can unfreeze us – and lead to action. 10 pages.

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Creation download transspaser

Creation (PDF Download)

Readings, prayers and other liturgical resources

Various contributors

Digital download: Resources aimed at raising awareness of and concern for creation and ecology, taken from various books published by Wild Goose Publications. Our treatment of and connection to the earth is one of the great issues of the 21st century. If we are to survive, we will need to find a healthier, more respectful connection to our planet. Here is a collection of resources that celebrates God’s creation as full of glory, and helps us to confess the sins of our past and to act for the future, before it is too late. 36 pages.

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Recently published

Little Guy transspaser

Little Guy (Downloadable book)

Journey of hope

Emma Major

E-book: Little Guy is a series of 25 images and poems that emerged over a period of two weeks, with a sense of urgency. Then, less than a month later, coronavirus appeared in the UK. We had to distance from each other; isolate, alone at home in a situation none of us has ever faced before. The rush to get Little Guy onto paper started to make sense.

Many people battle with anxiety even in the best of circumstances; it is part of being a sensitive, fragile human being in a world that can be both frightening and full of wonder.

Little Guy starts off anxious and depressed, before moving through hope and trust to a point where he is able to relate to the world and thrive again.

Little Guy journeys with us.

Emma Major is a mum, wife, friend, pioneer lay minister, blind wheelchair user and poet. She has recorded audio descriptions of every picture in the Little Guy book to ensure that everyone can access it.

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