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Iona of My Heart transspaser

Iona of My Heart

Daily readings

(Book & e-book)

Neil Paynter

Stories of encounter, challenge, exchange, connection, transformation, from many of those who have lived on or visited Iona. A book about people and the power of the Spirit …

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Iona – A Map transspaser

Iona – A Map

(Folded and flat versions)

The Iona Community

‘I sometimes take this map out – when I’ve been away from Iona for far too long a time – and read it like a poetry book: I gaze at the beautiful artwork and place names: ‘Sacred hollow’, ‘The old man’s hill’, ‘Port of the coracle’, ‘Bay at the back of the ocean’, ‘White strand of the monks’, ‘Port of black stones’, ‘The pigeons’ cave’ … Reading the map takes me back to all the magical and life-changing times I’ve had on Iona. It somehow helps me to find myself again and to rekindle the wonder.’

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Iona – God's Energy transspaser

Iona – God’s Energy

The vision and spirituality of the Iona Community

(Book & e-book)

Norman Shanks

What is it that interests so many people in the work of the Iona Community and draws thousands of visitors each year to the tiny island of Iona? This is a book about the spirituality, concerns and activities of the Iona Community.

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A Wee Book of Iona Poems transspaser

A Wee Book of Iona Poems

(Book & e-book)

Kenneth Steven

These haiku-like poems arise out of Kenneth Steven’s perception of the Iona landscape. They have the sense of wonder, seeing, and being in the moment that many of us experience when spending time on this jewel-like island in a turquoise sea.

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Eternity Dipping Into Time download transspaser

Eternity Dipping Into Time (PDF Download)

Kathy Galloway

Digital download: The passion which Iona still evokes, its enduring hold on the religious imagination, demands a deeper questioning than that suggested by a long-ago saint in an obscure location. At least part of the answer lies in the appeal of what has come to be known as Celtic Christianity. Kathy Galloway shows how numerous factors come together to support a grounded and engaged spirituality.

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Some recent downloads

Bullying download transspaser

Bullying (PDF download)

A liturgy for those who are burdened, and a reflection

Rosemary Power

Digital download: A liturgy in seven sections, for use in a small group with those who are burdened by bullying. There is also a reflection on bullying in the church.

This liturgy is intended for use in a small group with those who experience this form of spiritual malaise: targets of bullying, advisers, those with responsibility for addressing bullying, onlookers, and, if possible, as a guideline for perpetrators. It is designed so that people can pray together for one person, or more, in turn.

33 pages

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Beyond Brexit download transspaser

Beyond Brexit (PDF download)

Prayers at a time of division,
by members of the Iona Community

Rosemary Power (ed)

Digital download: Reflections and prayers at a time of division, from the Iona Community.


Introduction, by Rosemary Power
A time of division, by Rosemary Power

The environment
Save us, by David Coleman

The land border
Border Presentation, by Rosemary Power

From the world of work
A prayer of thanks in challenging times, by Ewan Aitken
The economy, by Rosemary Power
Giving thanks for social entrepreneurs, by Ewan Aitken
Workers’ rights, by Rosemary Power

From the common academic tradition
The gift of tongues, by Tony Phelan

Voices from Europe
Prayer in the time of Brexit, by Stephan Arras
Europe’s peace project, by Rosemary Power
Prayer from an EU citizen who has made a home in the UK, by Heinz Toller

From beyond the European Union
One step at a time, by Thom M Shuman

25 pages

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A call for contributions

We are looking for contributions for downloads relating to mental health. If you have any prayers, blessings, liturgies, reflections or other material that you would like to contribute to this project, please contact neil@ionabooks.com and use the subject-line Mental health. Deadline is September 1st. Thank you.


Recently added

Grace Will Walk Us Home transspaser

Grace Will Walk Us Home

A daily discipline of Bible readings and short prayers

(Book & e-book)

Thom M Shuman

In over 30 years of ministry Thom Shuman had taught studies on just about every book in the Bible and had gone through the cycle of Sunday readings many times. He’d spent a lot of ‘professional’ time in the Bible, but realised he’d never really read the Bible from beginning to end to feed his spiritual life. So that’s what he did, each day discovering a word, phrase or verse which spoke to him, letting it play around in his mind, and then writing a short prayer or ‘nudge’. At the end of the year, he had 365 of them, which are shared with you here..

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Whispers of Light transspaser

Whispers of Light

(Book & e-book)

Joy Mead

A new collection of poems from Joy Mead – ‘a book of moments, illuminated moments, those times when joy breaks through, when beauty amazes and goes some way towards healing.’

Joy’s poems celebrate what it is to be alive and also, perhaps, what it is to contemplate death.

‘… a poet of great sensitivity, a deeply religious poet, without being a Religious Poet. Her spirituality is grounded in the depths of ‘ordinary’ life – the extraordinary life.’
Ron Ferguson

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