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On February 20th it's the World Day of Social Justice and this week we suggest some resources that might be suitable for marking it. There is also a reminder of some of our books and CDs for Lent and Easter.

Photo: Road back to the Abbey from Iona north end © David Coleman


Downloads about social justice

Cursing the Money Boys download transspaser

Cursing the ‘Money Boys’
(PDF download)

An act of witness for economic justice

Ron Ferguson

Digital download: A service exploring the misuse of money. Taken from the book The Pattern of Our Days, ed. Kathy Galloway.

5 pages

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Hunger for Justice download transspaser

Hunger for Justice
(PDF download)

‘What's for dinner tonight, mum?’

Nancy Cocks

Digital download: A service for all ages about not having enough to eat and about being hungry to share what we have. Includes a drawing/colouring activity.

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Love and Anger transspaser

Love and Anger (CD and songbook)

Songs of lively faith and social justice

John L Bell, Graham Maule & the Wild Goose Worship Group

A collection of nineteen songs drawing on the biblical songs of justice, World Church songs of protest and praise, and songs of experience from late twentieth-century Britain.

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Living Water download transspaser

Living Water
(PDF download)

Some worship resources

Chris Polhill

Digital download: 783 million people do not have access to clean water and almost 2.5 billion do not have access to adequate sanitation (UN figures). Here are some worship resources for putting together a service on water, and some suggestions for taking action.

11 pages.

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Victory and Peace or Justice and Peace? transspaser

Victory and Peace or Justice and Peace?

A study for progressive Christians

(DVD-based group resources)

John Dominic Crossan

Including nearly four hours of dvd content and discussion guide, this DVD-based study featuring John Dominic Crossan explores the juxtaposition of Roman Imperial Theology and the Kingdom of God. Ideal for Advent and Lent. Flexible in format, Victory and Justice or Justice and Peace? can be conducted over 4, 6, 8 or 12 weeks.

This item is one of the range provided by the Living the Questions organisation and is despatched from the USA.

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God of the Tipping Point download transspaser

God of the Tipping Point
(PDF download)

A service of sorrowing, defiance and commitment

Alison Swinfen

Digital download: A service of commitment focusing on the worldwide struggle for justice, of ‘defiant grief’, in the hope of one day reaching a tipping point in favour of the poor and oppressed of the world.

8 pages

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It Wasn't the Nails download transspaser

It Wasn’t the Nails
(PDF download)

A reflection and prayers on the cross

David Rhodes

Digital download: It’s easy to think of the Crucifixion as something that happened a long time ago. But for some people every day is Good Friday. People forced into poverty, those who are homeless. Those seeking asylum. People crushed by debt and treated with contempt by the powerful. Jesus is crucified today in their suffering.

9 pages.

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Some books & CDs for Lent and Easter

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The Cross in the Marketplace transspaser

The Cross in the Marketplace

An Easter resource book from Iona

(Book and e-book)

Dave Broom

A series of resources and complete liturgies for the major services of Holy Week.

What would it have been like to be a pilgrim on the crowded streets of Jerusalem for that fateful Passover? What can we learn from the man with the water jug, or the Roman centurion? What can the woman with the alabaster jar tell us, or the young man who ran away naked as Roman soldiers tried to seize him? How did that first Easter change their lives?

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E-book edition


Eggs and Ashes transspaser

Eggs and Ashes

Practical & liturgical resources for Lent and Holy Week

(Book and e-book)

Ruth Burgess & Chris Polhill

Modern, relevant resources to accompany readers through Lent and Easter for many years, with material for Shrove Tuesday, Ash Wednesday, Mothering Sunday, Palm Sunday and Holy Week, as well as suggestions for a Lent discipline.

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E-book edition


Stages on the Way transspaser

Stages on the Way

Worship Resources for Lent, Holy Week and Easter


Wild Goose Worship Group

This book offers a wide range of resources that trace Jesus’ road to the cross through Lent, Holy Week and Easter, helping to enable the sense of hope, apprehension and joy of Easter as felt by Jesus’ friends.

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The Courage to Say No transspaser

The Courage to Say No
(CD and songbook)

Songs for Lent and Easter

John L Bell & Graham Maule

Tracing the sometimes sure, sometimes faltering steps of Jesus and his followers through the entire season of Lent, to Easter Day and then beyond, these songs allow us to reflect on their progress, enter their experience and ultimately to make their confusion, doubt, joy and liberation our own.

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Enemy of Apathy CD transspaser

Enemy of Apathy (CD and songbook)

Songs and chants for Lent, Eastertide and Pentecost

Wild Goose Collective & Hinba

John L Bell & Graham Maule of the Wild Goose Resource Group, together with fellow musicians, have made this recording of some of the songs and chants for Lent, Eastertide and Pentecost from their book Enemy of Apathy that haven't yet made it into other recorded collections.

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Lent and Easter Readings from Iona transspaser

Lent & Easter Readings from Iona

Neil Paynter

The traditional Lent period of repentance and penitence also offers an opportunity to see the world afresh. These readings encourage us not only to regard ourselves with a healthy realism, but also recognise the nature and purposes of God and the never-ending renewal of possibility, both within ourselves and in the world.

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Resources for Lent and Easter

Christmas books

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