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The Kentigern Way transspaser

The Kentigern Way

A life and Lakeland pilgrimage

(Book & e-book)

Stephen G Wright

The Kentigern Way is a guide to a pilgrimage route in one of the most majestic landscapes in the UK, that of the Lake District, which is rich in beauty, nature and history.

More than this, it provides an historical backdrop to St Kentigern and the region, cutting through myths and assumptions to examine the reality of emerging 6th-century Christianity in ‘Britannia’. Kentigern is also known as St Mungo, the patron saint of Glasgow, although his influence goes far beyond that city.

This book also discusses what pilgrimage is (and how it differs from tourism) and provides suggestions on how to enrich the pilgrimage experience through guided reflections and prayers.

Although the pilgrimage is rooted in Christian sacred sites, it is made accessible to people of all faiths and none who seek spiritual depth in the experience. You don’t have to be a Christian to follow this pilgrimage route, nor will this book try to make you one.

Includes a look at the feminine in contemporary Christianity and a special section on the importance of Kentigern’s often-ignored mother, Teneu.

Historians will enjoy the honest assessment of Kentigern’s life and some revealing asides about the reality of Celtic culture. Walkers will find an enthralling travel guide and a beautiful, manageable route. Contemplatives will be encouraged by the emphasis on listening and stillness. And I challenge anyone not to be inspired and intrigued by the thoughtfulness and love that have gone into researching and producing this unusual and compelling work.
James Newcome, Bishop of Carlisle

Stephen Wright had a long and distinguished nursing career in practice and academia before developing an interest in the connection between spirituality and wellbeing. As a result, he co-founded the Sacred Space Foundation, based in Cumbria, which supports those in spiritual crisis. He is an ordained interfaith minister, a spiritual director and a member of the Iona Community.

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Downloads for Christmas

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The Appointment download transspaser

The Appointment (PDF download)

A reflection on the Incarnation

Tom Gordon

Digital download: A poetic reflection on the incarnation of Christ. 3 pages.

You kept your appointment,
just like you said you would.
You promised,
and I believed you.
Well, that’s what faith’s about, isn’t it?
You didn’t say when or how you would come.
But you said you would …

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Coming In from the Cold download transspaser

Coming In from the Cold (PDF download)

Advent & Christmas resources for remembering the Bible with children and young people

Janet Lees

Digital download: A resource for Advent and Christmas especially for those working with young people or children in a school, community or church setting – but also full of lively prayers, scripts and ideas for anyone looking to break out of a rut by using ‘the remembered Bible’.

31 pages

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The Feast of the Christ Child download transspaser

The Feast of the Christ Child (PDF + PPT download)

A Christmas Communion liturgy from Iona

Pat Bennett

PDF plus PowerPoint download now available of this previously published Christmas Communion liturgy from Iona.

PDF and PowerPoint formats
7 pages / 25 slides.

Christmas Child,
as we kneel again at your manger
restore, renew and reshape us
so that our serving and sharing,
living and loving
now and always,
incarnate you in the world.

There is also a separate PDF version of this download and a separate PowerPoint version.

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Coming In from the Cold download transspaser

The Council of the Magi (PDF download)

A dialogue

Richard Skinner

Digital download: A dialogue between the three Wise Men about the meaning of the new star and the implications of the birth that it foretells.

6 pages

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Coming In from the Cold download transspaser

Once in Bethlehem (PDF Download)

Various contributors

Digital download: Readings, biblical reflections, songs and a prayer for Christmas, taken from the book Hay and Stardust: Resources for Christmas to Candlemas, by Ruth Burgess.

19 pages

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Recently published

Sing But Keep On Walking transspaser

Sing But Keep On Walking

Readings, poems and prayers for Advent

(Book & e-book)

Jan Sutch Pickard

Sing But Keep On Walking moves between the islands of Mull and Iona and the hills of the West Bank and Jerusalem: places ‘on the edge’. And, like in Palestine two thousand years ago, that’s where God comes to us, in human form, as living Word, as light out of darkness.

‘I’m writing amid political chaos and climate crisis,’ says Jan, ‘with no easy answers … But we can speak truth to power, walk side by side, sing justice. We can live an alternative.’

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Transgender Christian Human transspaser

Wild Goose Big Book of Worship Resources vol. 2

(Book & e-book)

The Iona Community

Another wide-ranging collection of resources, including material for Advent, Christmas, Lent and Holy Week.

Also includes a reflection, meditation and prayer for Holocaust Memorial Day; resources and ideas for remembering the Bible with women; prayers by and for kids; all-age resources for Pentecost and Ascension, and Christmastime; harvest prayers; a meditative look at climate change, the sacredness of all life and human responsibility; a blessing for a new car; stories and reflections for the World Week for Peace in Palestine and Israel; a reflection and prayer on racial justice; prayers for Remembrance Sunday; a reflection, meditation, and ideas for taking action on homelessness …

Originally published as single digital downloads.

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Transgender Christian Human transspaser

Transgender. Christian. Human.

(Book & e-book)

Alex Clare-Young

Alex Clare-Young, the first out transgender minister in the United Reformed Church, says:

‘Transgender Christian Human is the story of my life as a transgender child and adult. Trans is an imperfect label but labels are, to some extent, necessary – especially when we choose them for ourselves. For me, being trans means moving towards a gender that varies from my sex assigned at birth. It also means moving between genders and critiquing the rigidity of gendered systems.’ Includes resources and activities at the end of each chapter to encourage individuals and groups to explore the subject.

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