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For the International Day of Older Persons (October 1st) or any time

Might It Be Called Wisdom download transspaser

Might It Be Called Wisdom (PDF download)

A personal and poetic exploration of ageing

Joy Mead

Digital download: A personal and poetic meditative reflection on ageing, interspersed with several of Joy’s previously published poems on the subject. The emphasis is on a sense of wonder arising from the seemingly small and but immensely meaningful things of life.

I am old
in my being
but fully alive
in this eternal moment,
while remembering the past
and anticipating
with blessed uncertainty
the small joys to come,
feeling still the breath
of spring, the lifting heart.
It’s all, in the end, miracle enough,
this creative loving power within
which we live and move
and have our being.

18 pages

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More on ageing

Growing Older download transspaser

Growing Older (PDF download)

Various contributors

Digital download: Reflections, stories, a reflective prayer and a personal liturgy that can be adapted for group use, all relating to the later years of life. Taken from the book Moments of Our Nights and Days, by Ruth Burgess.

17 pages

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Liturgical Resources on Ageing download transspaser

Liturgical Resources on Ageing (PDF Download)

Tom Gordon & Jane Rogers

Digital download: Reflections, stories, responses and a liturgy relating to ageing, taken from the book Holy Ground: Liturgies and worship resources for an engaged spirituality, by Neil Paynter and Helen Boothroyd.

20 pages

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Moments of Our Days download transspaser

Moments of Our Days (PDF download)

Various contributors

Digital download: Blessings for specific times of life, taken from A Book of Blessings by Ruth Burgess. Ageing-related items include:

Mid-life blessing, by Ruth Burgess
On retirement, by Kate McIlhagga
The time that’s left, by Kate McIlhagga
For a friend who is dying, by Jean Murdoch
Blessing at a time of death, by Yvonne Morland
Go gently on your voyage, by Kate McIlhagga

16 pages

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For the season

Acorns and Archangels transspaser

Acorns and Archangels

Resources for Ordinary Time – The Feast of the Transfiguration to All Hallows’

(Book & e-book)

Ruth Burgess

A collection of resources for the late summer and autumn period of Ordinary Time – prayers, stories, responses, songs, poems, reflections and meditations, written by Iona Community members, associates, friends and others.

Acorns and Archangels offers resources for groups and individuals covering the weeks from the Feast of the Transfiguration to All Hallows’ Eve, including the psalms and the prophets, the Acts of the Apostles and New Testament letters, women’s stories, sections on saints and angels and harvest, a variety of blessings and a play for Hallowe’en.

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