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Spring is here (it comes late in Scotland) and it’s time to take to the hills and the islands – the perfect time for the new reproduction of the Iona Community’s map of Iona. We also have three new downloads for Pentecost and a reminder of the new Wee Worship Book.

Photo: Dandelions and daisies by a wall on Iona © David Coleman


Just published

Iona - a map transspaser

Iona: A Map

A new reproduction of the map originally published by the Iona Community in 1983

‘I sometimes take this map out – when I’ve been away from Iona for far too long a time – and read it like a poetry book: I gaze at the beautiful artwork and place names: ‘Sacred hollow’, ‘The old man’s hill’, ‘Port of the coracle’, 'Bay at the back of the ocean', ‘White strand of the monks’, ‘Port of black stones’, 'The pigeons' cave' … Reading the map takes me back to all the magical and life-changing times I’ve had on Iona. It somehow helps me to find myself again and to rekindle the wonder.’

This reproduction of the original 1983 map published by the Iona Community evokes the history and poetry of the isle of Iona, even for those who will never make the physical journey. It is both for practical use and for taking you back to the sacred isle. Things haven't changed much since it was first published – a few more houses have been built and the site of the MacLeod Centre appears as a ‘youth camp’. Most of the familiar features are the same.

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New downloads for Pentecost

Journey Towards Pentecost download transspaser

Journey Towards Pentecost (PDF download)

A nine-day devotional

Kathryn Turner/Wellspring

Digital download: This devotional, for individual or group use, begins on the Friday after Ascension Thursday and finishes on the day before Pentecost Sunday. Over the nine days the Gospel is used as a starting point for a time of reflection and prayer.

19 pages

For more information and to see a sample

The Day of the Vision download transspaser

The Day of the Vision
(PDF download)

A dramatic reading and prayers on Acts 10

Chris Polhill

Digital download: Three prayers, some suggested Bible readings and a dramatic reading based on Acts 10 – all suitable to be used as part of a Pentecost service or Communion.

5 pages

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Pentecost as a Template download transspaser

Pentecost as a Template
(PDF download)

A Bible study

Ian M Fraser

Digital download: A Bible study that looks at how hierarchy in the church is a late and dodgy development. At Pentecost a community of brothers and sisters in Christ came into being ‘all one in Christ Jesus’. The whole church, not just official appointees, needs to make a new start, with women and men imaging the church with Pentecost as the corrective template.

5 pages.

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A reminder of the new Wee Worship Book

A Wee Worship Book Fifth incarnation transspaser

A Wee Worship Book:
Fifth Incarnation

John L Bell & Graham Maule/Wild Goose Resource Group

This 5th edition of A Wee Worship Book consists of completely new material, so those who have used and been inspired by the 'Fourth incarnation' will find here a rich, fresh collection of resources. It offers six morning liturgies, six evening liturgies and an order for Holy Communion with a range of alternative invitations and prayers. The appendix includes four contemporary affirmations of faith and fourteen chants and sung responses. Introductory sections allude to good practice in leading and in sharing corporate reflection on scripture.

John Bell, Graham Maule and the Wild Goose Resource Group have brought us another dynamic resource that has been tried and tested with congregations in various countries and will be of immense practical help to all those, lay or ordained, who are planning worship.

For more information and to see a sample

For the previous edition, the Fourth Incarnation


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