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A note from Wild Goose


Another new song from Philip Fox this week, and a look back at some of our previously published books.

Photo © David Coleman


New download

Only One You download transspaser

Only One You

Song - full score

Philip Fox

Digital download: A song about the uniqueness of God and the uniqueness of each person — from one of the Iona Abbey musicians. Full score.

Only one you. No one else like you.
Only one me. No one else like me.
Only one God, who always is the Lord,
to set you free, to set me free …

Philip Fox has been Iona Abbey musician more than a dozen times, filling in for the resident musician when they have been on holiday.

3 pages

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Some from the past

Each Day & Each Night transspaser

Each Day & Each Night

Celtic prayers from Iona

(Book & e-book)

J Philip Newell

A six-day cycle of prayer in the Celtic tradition, incorporating the daily themes used in Iona Abbey: justice and peace, prayer for healing, care for the earth, commitment to Christ, the communion of heaven and earth, and welcome and hospitality. Includes a lectionary of psalms and gospel readings.

The Celtic spiritual tradition is marked by the belief that what is deepest in us, beyond the distortions of ignorance or wrongdoing, is the image of God. Its second major characteristic is a trust in the essential goodness of creation, which it regards as a revelation of God, thus avoiding the pitfall of separating spirit and matter.

For hundreds of years prayers of Celtic spirituality were passed orally from one generation to another in the Western Isles of Scotland, but the tradition faced opposition and sometimes persecution from the official religion of the land. It was in danger of dying out when finally in the 19th century Alexander Carmichael collected the prayers in his Carmina Gadelica, ‘Songs of the Gaels’. These prayers were not used in religious contexts but rather were the songs of people’s daily lives, affirming the view that the world is the temple of God and Christ is with and for the poor, the liberator of the image of God at the core of our being.

The rich and simple prayers of Each Day and Each Night are new expressions of the old words and imagery of Carmichael’s great collection. It is hoped that they will help us realise anew that the life of heaven is inseparably woven into the life of earth.

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A Book of Blessings transspaser

A Book of Blessings

and how to write your own

(Book & e-book)

Ruth Burgess

A collection of blessings for the people, celebrations, sadnesses, artefacts, special occasions and journeys of our lives. It also explores the tradition of blessings, including biblical and Celtic, and offers ideas and resources to encourage readers to write blessings of their own, with suggestions for how to organise a blessings workshop.

Lord of every pilgrim heart,
bless our journeys
on these roads
we never planned to take,
through your
surprising wisdom
on …

Peter Millar

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Invocations transspaser


Calling on the God in All

(Book & e-book)

Richard Skinner

From earthworms to CD-ROMs, from starfish to blizzards, from electrons to garden forks, from doubt to a shout of laughter

In the tradition of liturgical chants such as the ‘Advent Antiphons’, Richard Skinner has created invocations inspired by creatures, conditions and objects in the world around us which reflect and are a metaphor for aspects of God or the Divine. Although the author comes from a Christian background and is most at home with the iconography and language of Christianity, these invocations, which incorporate symbolism from creation, science, technology and human psychology, and point to the God in all things, will resonate with individuals and groups of any or no particular religious or spiritual allegiance.

Richard Skinner is a writer, performer, comedian and counsellor. He is deeply influenced by the medieval mystics, particularly Meister Eckhart and Julian of Norwich. Another of his books is Colliding With God, also published by Wild Goose.

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Some recent publications

Olives and Obligations transspaser

Olives and Obligations

Biblical stories, scripts and reflections – Genesis to Nehemiah

(Book and e-book)

Ruth Burgess

Olives and Obligations is a collection of stories, scripts and reflections written by Iona Community members, associates, friends and others. The collection is based on the biblical books from Genesis to Nehemiah. Esther to Maccabees will follow.

There are some beautiful stories in the Bible and there are some hideous stories as well. What do we do with them?

Do we tell them in Sunday school? Do we omit them from the lectionary? Do we try to explain them?

Stories are important.

Stories are powerful.

Teach us, God, to read the Bible
with wisdom and integrity.
Tell us, in the light and in the darkness,
the stories we need to hear.

216 pages

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The Warriors Who Do Not Fight transspaser

The Warriors Who Do Not Fight

(Book and e-book)

Alison Phipps & Tawona Sitholé

Poems for times of war and persecution, exploring what it means to resist; to suffer with; to bear witness; to seek companionship; to be part of the agony of a family made in love, and parting, separated by land, sea and paperwork.

Luminous, beautiful and sore. Poetry that is lyrical and tender, wounded and elegiac, probing and incantatory. And above all else life-affirming.
Karine Polwart, Scottish singer-songwriter

132 pages

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Fundraising items

For more information about the Iona Abbey Capital Appeal ...

Iona Calendar 2019 download transspaser

Iona Calendar 2019

Photographs by Iain Sarjeant

The Highland Family Group of the Iona Community has produced this beautiful Iona calendar for 2019, in conjunction with photographer Iain Sarjeant. The calendar is 21cm x 21cm, and comes with a bonus picture of one of the more elusive places on Iona.

All profits from the sale of this calendar will go to the Iona Abbey Capital Appeal.

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Easter Day download transspaser

Iona Abbey Easter Worship (audio download)

A live recording of the journey through Holy Week

The Iona Community

A recording of worship in Iona Abbey from Holy Week and Easter Sunday from the 1990s. Pay only £1 ex VAT and kindly add a donation of your choice to the fund at checkout (just below the shopping cart).

Available as two audio downloads of approximately 60 MB each

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Iona of My Heart transspaser

Iona of My Heart

Daily readings

(Book and e-book)

Neil Paynter

Inspiring human stories from Iona – of encounter, challenge, exchange, connection, transformation. Stories about people and the power of the Spirit … Four months of daily readings. Royalties go to the Iona Community’s Iona Abbey Capital Appeal.

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