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Another new download for Holy Saturday

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The Empty Day download transspaser

The Empty Day (PDF download)

A time to grieve and remember

Rosemary Power

Digital download: A liturgy for group use, intended as a way of using Holy Saturday within the context of Passion liturgy, by pausing, and reflecting on a world without God, and on our own human losses. The voices of the women who kept the Sabbath, and Passover, are used as a basis for reflection.

The women are:
Salome (here taken to be the mother of James and John and the wife of Zebedee)
Mary from Magdala
Mary Clopas (the mother of ‘the other James’ and Joses)
Mary from Nazareth, the mother of Jesus

There are also pauses for stories from scripture, and for those present to add something from their own stories.

14 pages

Rosemary Power is a member of the Iona Community who has been in pastoral, sector and congregational ministries. She writes and speaks on the history of Iona, spirituality and issues of social justice.

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Downloads for Lent & Easter

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Come Dancing download transspaser

Come Dancing (PDF download)

Bible study and reflection for Lent

Ian M Fraser

Digital download: A biblical reflection on the true meaning and application of fasting in Lent, and the similarities between preparing for Easter and a certain TV ballroom-dancing contest.

4 pages

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Walking the Wilderness download transspaser

Walking the Wilderness (PDF+PPT download)

A Communion liturgy for the season of Lent

Pat Bennett

Digital download: A Communion service for Lent, focusing on journeying through the desert, exploring our own uncharted places and making new choices for the future.

There is also a separate PDF version and a separate PowerPoint version of this product.

7 pages / 21 slides.

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Not For the Faint-Hearted download transspaser

A Lenten and Easter Cycle (PDF download)

Kate McIlhagga

Digital download: Insightful meditative poems for Ash Wednesday, the Sundays of Lent, and Holy Week, which can be used in group situations or for personal reflection.

21 pages

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Prayers, Meditations, Reflections and Activities for Lent download transspaser

Prayers, Meditations, Reflections and Activities for Lent (PDF download)

Sally Foster-Fulton

Digital download: A variety of worship and group resources for the Lent period, including a couple of all-age activities.

18 pages

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Daily readings for Lent and Holy Week download transspaser

Palm Sunday - Surges of Hope (PDF download)

Katharine M Preston

Digital download: A Bible reading, a reflection and a prayer for Palm Sunday, taken from the book The Sun Slowly Rises, by Neil Paynter. ‘Surges of hope, shattering the surrounding darkness, providing a glimpse of a radical alternative. Even if brief, even if the following minutes, hours, days are unknown and scary, the surge of hope carries us forward.’

5 pages

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Recently published

In Love with the Life of Life transspaser

In Love with the Life of Life

Daily readings for Lent and Holy Week

Neil Paynter (ed)

Daily readings, with prayers, poems and actions, for Lent and Holy Week from members, associates and friends of the Iona Community. Also includes a section of additional resources for Lent, Holy Week and Easter.

Contributors include Ruth Burgess, Nancy Cocks, Brian Woodcock, Donald Eadie, Iain and Isabel Whyte, Peter Millar, Janet Lees, Jan Sutch Pickard, Warren Bardsley, Alex Clare-Young, Thom M Shuman, Kathy Galloway, Christian MacLean, Timothy Gorringe, Katharine M Preston, Richard Skinner, Carol Dixon, Niall Cooper, Anna Briggs, Alastair McIntosh, Martin Johnstone, and others.

Christ our life,
You are alive in the beauty of the earth
in the rhythm of the seasons
in the mystery of time and space.

Christ our life,
You are alive in the tenderness of touch
in the heartbeat of intimacy
in the insights of solitude.

Christ our life,
You are alive in the creative possibility
of the dullest conversation
the dreariest task
the most nerve-racking event.

Christ our life,
You are alive to offer new creation
to every unhealed hurt
to every deadened place
to every damaged heart.

You set before us a great choice.
Therefore we choose life.

Kathy Galloway

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The Kentigern Way transspaser

The Kentigern Way

A life and Lakeland pilgrimage

(Book & e-book)

Stephen G Wright

The Kentigern Way is a guide to a pilgrimage route in one of the most majestic landscapes in the UK, that of the Lake District, which is rich in beauty, nature and history.

Historians will enjoy the honest assessment of Kentigern’s life and some revealing asides about the reality of Celtic culture. Walkers will find an enthralling travel guide and a beautiful, manageable route. Contemplatives will be encouraged by the emphasis on listening and stillness. And I challenge anyone not to be inspired and intrigued by the thoughtfulness and love that have gone into researching and producing this unusual and compelling work.
James Newcome, Bishop of Carlisle

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