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This week we have some suggested resources for celebrating Valentine’s Day, together with more books for the Lent and Easter period.

We are also putting out a call for material for a new publication to provide resources for celebrating partnerships and marriages. If you would like to contribute – anything from a prayer to a whole liturgy – please email your contribution to neil@ionabooks.com. Thank you!

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Downloads for Valentines Day

The Risen Dust transspaser

Love Has Many Faces (PDF download)

A meditative prayer for Valentine’s Day

Ian M Fraser

Digital download: A meditative prayer for Valentine’s day, giving thanks for love and the ‘goodness at the heart of humanity, planted more deeply than all that is wrong’. 3 pages.

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An Invocation and Celebration of Love download transspaser

An Invocation and Celebration of Love (PDF download)

Annie Heppenstall

Digital download: A participative liturgy on love, designed to be carried out in a circle around a low table. 11 pages.

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Prayers and Readings for Valentine's Day download transspaser

Prayers and Readings for Valentines Day (PDF download)

Various contributors

Digital download: For a slightly different take on celebrating love – from the romantic and erotic to the universal and divine – we have put together this download of pieces from various Wild Goose publications. Includes contributions by Annie Heppenstall, Ruth Burgess, Rosie Miles, Nicola Slee, Jan Berry, Thom Shuman, Kathy Galloway and many others. 31 pages.

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More books for Lent and Easter

Step Gently in the World transspaser

Step Gently in the World

Resources for Holy Week

(Book & e-book)

Sally Foster-Fulton

Reflections, meditations, prayers and liturgies for Holy Week following the journey of Jesus from Palm Sunday to Easter Day. A book which affirms that, even in the darkness of betrayal and denial and death, we can rise up and live different lives: where the justice, peace and love poured out in Christ’s life can be resurrected in our own.

You stepped gently on the earth, O Christ of all;
and you treat gently all those who come your way …
Call us down into the world you love
and put us to work.
Call us down into the streets you walk
and have our footsteps keep to yours.
Call us down into the places where you are needed
and make us your body.

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The Cross in the Marketplace transspaser

The Cross in the Marketplace

An Easter resource book from Iona

(Book and e-book)

Dave Broom

What would it have been like to be a pilgrim on the crowded streets of Jerusalem for that fateful Passover? A week that ended with a King – a convicted enemy of the state – dying on a cross on the town garbage heap.

Can we see through the eyes of those who were there, the people who witnessed the events? What can we learn from the man with the water jug, or the Roman centurion? What can the woman with the alabaster jar tell us, or the young man who ran away naked as Roman soldiers tried to seize him? What is their story? What did it all mean to them? How did that first Easter change their lives?

The Cross in the Marketplace is a series of resources and complete liturgies for the major services of Holy Week. The book began life in community on Iona, and includes an Easter pilgrimage. You can use the book in your church or house group or read it on your own, to deepen your experience of Easter – and inspire action.

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The Courage to Say No transspaser

The Courage to Say No

Twenty-three songs for Lent and Easter

(Songbook & audio CD)

John L Bell & Graham Maule

Tracing the sometimes sure, sometimes faltering steps of Jesus and his followers through the entire season of Lent, to Easter Day and then beyond, these songs allow us to reflect on their progress, enter their experience and ultimately to make their confusion, doubt, joy and liberation our own. Many are four-part harmony, which will be satisfying for music groups or choirs to sing, as well as being accessible to congregations.

There is also an audio CD which contains 16 of the songs.

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We Journey in Hope transspaser

We Journey in Hope

Reflections on the words from the Cross

(Book & e-book)

Neil Paynter & Peter Millar

This Easter book is not about easy answers. The words of Jesus from the Cross are difficult and challenging. And yet the fact that they emerge from a situation of human agony gives them huge relevance for our times. And the God whom Jesus addresses from the Cross remains at the heart of humanity and continues to weep with us.

Each contributor to the book shares what a particular word means to her or him. These various reflections will enable the reader to encounter the words of Jesus in new ways; to be spiritually refreshed in order to listen more tenderly to the cries and longings of our sisters and brothers around the world.

Includes reflections by Jan Sutch Pickard, Ruth Burgess and others, and an introduction by Donald Eadie.

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Iona Dawn transspaser

Iona Dawn

Through Holy Week with the Iona Community

(Book & e-book)

Neil Paynter

The dramatic events of the days leading up to Easter Sunday are expressed through biblical readings and the reflections of several well-known Iona Community members.

Connecting the denials, betrayals, suffering and eventual new dawn of this life-changing week with what is happening in our own world today, this book accompanies the reader as an insightful guide. To travel through Holy Week with awareness leads to a greater understanding of God and ourselves.

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Lent and Easter books


Recent publications

Fig Trees and Furnaces transspaser

Fig Trees and Furnaces

Biblical stories, scripts and reflections – Esther to Maccabees

(Book & e-book)

Ruth Burgess

Fig Trees and Furnaces, based on the biblical books from Esther to Maccabees, is a collection of stories, scripts and reflections written by Iona Community members, associates, friends and others. It is a companion volume to Olives and Obligations (Genesis to Nehemiah).

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For Olives and Obligations: Biblical stories, scripts and reflections – Genesis to Nehemiah

Wild Goose Big Book of Liturgies volume 2 transspaser

Wild Goose Big Book of Liturgies volume 2

(Book & e-book)

The Iona Community

Liturgies and liturgical resources for New Year, Epiphany, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Pentecost, Trinity Sunday, Advent and Christmas. A liturgy for an ‘ordinary day’, and resources for special days like the UN International Day of Friendship and World AIDS Day. Originally published as single digital downloads.

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Reduced to clear

Iona Calendar 2019 download transspaser

Iona Calendar 2019

Photographs by Iain Sarjeant

We have a few copies left of this very popular calendar, so we are offering them at a reduced price of £4 plus p+p.

The Highland Family Group of the Iona Community has produced this beautiful Iona calendar for 2019, in conjunction with photographer Iain Sarjeant. The calendar is 21cm x 21cm, and comes with a bonus picture of one of the more elusive places on Iona.

All profits from the sale of this calendar will go to the Iona Abbey Capital Appeal.

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