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This week, an unusual new CD, a new download in the healing series, and a book from the past reconsidered.

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Just published

The Sound of Iona transspaser

The Sound of Iona (CD and audio download)

Poetry and music inspired by the landscape

Kenneth Steven
With music by Wendy Stewart

‘It was Jane MacFadyen on Iona who first gave me the idea of recording an island soundscape,’ says Kenneth Steven. ‘The best ideas are often the most obvious, and finally it has been made: a melding of the wind and the waves, the laughter of children, the sounds of birds, together with some of the poems I have written over the years. This soundscape is for those who know Iona as much as it’s for those who have always wanted to find a way of reaching Columba’s holy isle.’

With music by Wendy Stewart. Produced and engineered by Mark Rickards.

Kenneth Steven is a poet, novelist and children’s writer. He has also written and presented numerous poetry-related programmes for BBC Radio. Kenneth has known Iona from childhood: from that time he has felt it to be his spiritual home.

Wendy Stewart is a leading Scottish harper, a world-class performer and inspirational teacher whose style and repertoire encompasses both traditional music and her own compositions: www.cairnwatermusic.com

Mark Rickards is a senior producer with BBC Scotland and has recorded wild sounds from across Scotland and the world.

Runtime 26 minutes

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New download

For an International Situation download transspaser

For an International Situation (PDF download)

Liturgies for healing 8

Rosemary Power & the Iona Prayer Circle

Digital download: A short liturgy addressing the wounds of our world and the dark places where people suffer and are oppressed, and asking for courage to challenge those who walk the corridors of power. With additional material on St Margaret of Scotland.

7 pages

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One from the past

Moments of Our Night and Days transspaser

Moments of Our Night and Days

Liturgies and resources for baptisms, weddings, partnerships, friendships and the journey of life

(Book and e-book)

Ruth Burgess

A resource book for planning baptisms, naming ceremonies, weddings and civil partnerships and marking the many other significant moments of our nights and days - including school and growing up, celebrating friendship, breakdown of relationships, work and unemployment, and growing older. There are resources that do not assume any faith commitment, as well as ones that reflect Christian belief.

I’m new to this volunteering lark

I know, Lord, I know.
It’s good for my humility.
The man who managed a large academic department,
directing the work of a dozen graduates,
is now spending his time cleaning out chicken sheds.
The one who set and marked A-level papers sat by thousands of students
is carrying cups of tea to people with learning disabilities.
I’m not the boss any more.
I’m the new boy who doesn’t know the ropes,
the untrained volunteer
who has to ask the old hands for advice.
And yes, yes, you know all about humility:
You who made countless number of galaxies
knelt down and washed twelve pairs of smelly feet.

Brian Ford

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Fundraising items

Help the Iona Community raise £300,000 by the end of May in order to complete the renovation of Iona Abbey a year early! For more information …

Iona Calendar 2019 download transspaser

Iona Calendar 2019

Photographs by Iain Sarjeant

The Highland Family Group of the Iona Community has produced this beautiful Iona calendar for 2019, in conjunction with photographer Iain Sarjeant. The calendar is 21cm x 21cm, and comes with a bonus picture of one of the more elusive places on Iona.

All profits from the sale of this calendar will go to the Iona Abbey Capital Appeal.

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Easter Day download transspaser

Iona Abbey Easter Worship (audio download)

A live recording of the journey through Holy Week

The Iona Community

A recording of worship in Iona Abbey from Holy Week and Easter Sunday from the 1990s. Pay only £1 ex VAT and kindly add a donation of your choice to the fund at checkout (just below the shopping cart).

Available as two audio downloads of approximately 60 MB each

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Iona of My Heart transspaser

Iona of My Heart

Daily readings

(Book and e-book)

Neil Paynter

Inspiring human stories from Iona – of encounter, challenge, exchange, connection, transformation. Stories about people and the power of the Spirit … Four months of daily readings. Royalties go to the Iona Community’s Iona Abbey Capital Appeal.

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Some recent books

Known Unknowns transspaser

Known Unknowns

100 contemporary texts to common tunes


John L Bell & Graham Maule

One hundred 21st-century hymn texts by John L Bell & Graham Maule that can be sung to familiar tunes.

Hymns, songs and psalm paraphrases by John Bell and Graham Maule - intentionally words only - to respond to the need in rural and urban areas where a paucity of musical skill or leadership prevents congregations from singing little other than traditional texts. Each item is married to one or more tunes in any congregation's repertoire.

John and Graham have revised some previously published texts which were set to dedicated tunes and included over 50 hitherto unpublished texts, all of which have been ‘road-tested’. In subject matter, they cover a wide range of pastoral concerns, including abuse, change, illness, dismay and healing. There is also a range of hymns on civic life, social justice and interfaith matters, as well as a healthy selection of songs on the life and ministry of Jesus and texts for the liturgical seasons.

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We Bring You Everything, and Tip it Out in Front of You transspaser

We Bring You Everything, and Tip it Out in Front of You

New prayers from the Iona Community

(Book and e-book)

New prayers, in the ‘Celtic’ tradition, for the whole of life - for starting an engine, for taking a daily walk, for refugees travelling dangerous seas; an Iona Abbey kitchen prayer for chopping carrots, making bread and sanitising surfaces, and a Harvest supper prayer of sharing; prayers for personal healing, and for our deeply wounded world, and more ...

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