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A note from Wild Goose

Hallo all,

We have had a lot of requests for permission to use our resources online at this difficult time, so we are allowing churches free use of our liturgy material in online services during the Coronavirus emergency period. Please credit the source, adding ‘Used with permission’, and include our website address (www.ionabooks.com).

If, however, you want to use any of the songs of John L Bell and the Wild Goose Resource Group, please contact gail@wildgoose.scot for more information. Thank you.

Stay safe and well, all of you!

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Downloads for Lent & Easter

For all Lent & Easter books
For all Lent & Easter downloads

Palm Sunday – Surges of Hope download transspaser

Palm Sunday – Surges of Hope (PDF download)

Katharine M Preston

Digital download: A Bible reading, a reflection and a prayer for Palm Sunday, taken from the book The Sun Slowly Rises, by Neil Paynter. ‘Surges of hope, shattering the surrounding darkness, providing a glimpse of a radical alternative. Even if brief, even if the following minutes, hours, days are unknown and scary, the surge of hope carries us forward.’ 5 pages.

For more information and to see a sample

To Walk the Way of the Cross download transspaser

To Walk the Way of the Cross (PDF download)

Prayers of intercession for Palm Sunday

David Osborne

Digital download: Prayers of intercession for Palm Sunday. 3 pages.

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The Ten Beatitudes download transspaser

Palm Sunday (PDF download)

A service of commitment

Dave Broom

Digital download: A service for the day when Jesus demonstrates what his claim to messiahship really means and what his Kingdom is really about – for committing ourselves to the values of the upside-down Kingdom of the unlikely Messiah Jesus, who stands today in the heart of the military-industrial complex and declares: 'Peace.' Taken from the book The Cross in the Marketplace, by Dave Broom. 7 pages.

For more information and to see a sample

The Briefest of Encounters download transspaser

The Briefest of Encounters (PDF Download)

Glendon Macaulay

Digital download: A guided meditation on the entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, taken from the book Dirt, Mess and Danger, by Glendon Macaulay. 2 pages.

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Palm/Passion Sunday download transspaser

Palm/Passion Sunday (PDF Download)

Worship resources

Various contributors

Digital download: Worship resources taken from the book Eggs and Ashes by Ruth Burgess and Chris Polhill. 6 pages.

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Recently published

In Love with the Life of Life transspaser

In Love with the Life of Life

Daily readings for Lent and Holy Week

Neil Paynter (ed)

Daily readings, with prayers, poems and actions, for Lent and Holy Week from members, associates and friends of the Iona Community. Also includes a section of additional resources for Lent, Holy Week and Easter.

Contributors include Ruth Burgess, Nancy Cocks, Brian Woodcock, Donald Eadie, Iain and Isabel Whyte, Peter Millar, Janet Lees, Jan Sutch Pickard, Warren Bardsley, Alex Clare-Young, Thom M Shuman, Kathy Galloway, Christian MacLean, Timothy Gorringe, Katharine M Preston, Richard Skinner, Carol Dixon, Niall Cooper, Anna Briggs, Alastair McIntosh, Martin Johnstone, and others.

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For the e-book version (available now)

The Kentigern Way transspaser

The Kentigern Way

A life and Lakeland pilgrimage

(Book & e-book)

Stephen G Wright

The Kentigern Way is a guide to a pilgrimage route in one of the most majestic landscapes in the UK, that of the Lake District, which is rich in beauty, nature and history.

Historians will enjoy the honest assessment of Kentigern’s life and some revealing asides about the reality of Celtic culture. Walkers will find an enthralling travel guide and a beautiful, manageable route. Contemplatives will be encouraged by the emphasis on listening and stillness. And I challenge anyone not to be inspired and intrigued by the thoughtfulness and love that have gone into researching and producing this unusual and compelling work.
James Newcome, Bishop of Carlisle

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For the e-book version

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