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Actors are always told not to work with children or animals (as they will steal the show), but that probably doesn’t apply to worship leaders — see the new download below.

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New download

Celebrating Love for All God’s Creation download transspaser

Celebrating Love for All God’s Creation (PDF download)

An all-age communion service for the Feast of Saint Francis

Nancy Cocks

Digital download: An all-age communion inspired by the story of St Francis of Assisi. For use on 4th October, the Feast of St Francis, or at other times. Includes a blessing of animals.

‘Francis believed we should pay attention to everything God made, not just people who need help but every single thing around us. He thought that the spirit of life within each creature calls to that same spirit of life in all other creatures. That’s why we feel sorry for animals when they’re young or hurt and need help. And we feel for plants growing, even the ground we walk on and the stars in the sky, because we remember God cares for every precious little detail in the world. In the whole universe, even!’

Nancy Cocks is a former Deputy Warden of Iona Abbey, after which she took up the post of professor at Atlantic School of Theology in Halifax, Nova Scotia and then served as the minister of St John’s Presbyterian Church in Medicine Hat, Alberta before retirement. Nancy is the author of several books, including Invisible We See You and Growing Up With God.

11 pages

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Also by Nancy Cocks

Invisible We See You transspaser

Invisible We See You


Tracing Celtic threads through Christian community

Nancy Cocks

Reflecting on the evocative approach to worship that has been developed by the Iona Community, Nancy blends liturgies she has created with explanations and interpretations of their meaning as she challenges her readers to look for God in the contemporary world. She outlines the different ways in which prayer gatherings and worship events can invite us to recognise what we cannot see: the mystery that is God in our midst.

In addition, the book includes short poetic reflections, stories, dialogues and homilies. Several pieces were developed specifically for services in which children have leadership roles. Others were designed to attract listeners for whom an extended traditional sermon could be foreign or alienating. Every section develops a fresh biblical insight and explores ‘reverent play’ between the ear and the voice, the eye and worship space.

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Growing Up With God transspaser

Growing Up With God


Using stories to explore a child’s faith and life

Nancy Cocks

How can you help children to ‘grow up with God’? One way is through storytelling. By telling children stories that speak of their concerns, by listening to their own stories, and by exploring their questions, you can help them to grow up trusting that God will be at the centre of their lives.

Have fun getting to know Fergie the Frog and others through Nancy Cocks’s wonderful stories as you and the children you care about find new ways to experience and grow closer to God in everyday life.

Growing Up With God is for parents and grandparents, teachers, ministers and priests — indeed for any adult who cares about the spiritual lives of children. But be warned: your heart will not escape untouched! What matters to children often matters deeply to adults as well. We all can learn to trust God’s presence more deeply. Whatever our age, we can ‘grow up’ with God.

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Recently published

The Granaries of Heaven download transspaser

The Granaries of Heaven (PDF download)

A Harvest prayer of thanksgiving and concern

Roddy Cowie

Digital download: A substantial prayer for use at Harvest, about being thankful, opening our hearts, helping those who aren’t so fortunate, and more.

Roddy Cowie is an Associate of the Iona Community, a lay reader in the Church of Ireland and Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Queen’s, Belfast. A contributor to many Wild Goose books, he is currently working on projects concerned with self-knowledge and the relationship between Christianity and emotion.

4 pages

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A Blessing for a New Car download transspaser

A Blessing for a New Car (PDF download)

David Coleman

Digital download: Opening responses, a reflection and a blessing for a new (or ‘new’ used) car. The reflection includes several references to biblical stories, because – as the author says – ‘the relationship of the Bible with wheeled vehicles is quite extensive’. There is also an environmental slant to the piece.

David Coleman is a member of the Iona Community, a digital artist and the Environmental Chaplain for Eco-Congregation Scotland.

5 pages

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Irish Blessing download transspaser

Irish Blessing (PDF download)

Song - full score

Philip Fox

Digital download: A song version of the traditional Irish blessing ‘May the road rise to meet you’ – by one of the Iona Abbey musicians. Full score.

May the road rise to meet you.
May the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
and rain fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
may God hold you in the hollow of his hand.

Philip Fox, an associate member of the Iona Community, has been Iona Abbey musician more than a dozen times, filling in for the resident musician when they have been on holiday. Since 1970, he has been a Church of Scotland organist and choirmaster; he is also the founder/conductor of the Lanark & Carluke Choral Union.

3 pages

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The Very Life of Life transspaser

The Very Life of Life

A second year of daily reflections

(Book and e-book)

Tom Gordon

A second book of simple and direct reflections for each day of the year, to help us make sense of the 'very life of life' we are living today.

Tom Gordon is a former hospice chaplain, a storyteller, a member of the Iona Community and the author of several books.

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