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Our new download this week is a liturgy for moving house, by Kes Grant. And as summer is coming (we hope), there’s a reminder of Ruth Burgess’s book of resources for the first period of Ordinary Time, from Trinity Sunday to the Feast of the Transfiguration. Spring and summer are times of getting out and about and perhaps going on a pilgrimage, so take a look at our pilgrimage books for Iona and St Cuthbert’s Way, enjoyable whether you are there in person or not.

Photo: Sunrise waves © David Coleman


New download

Moving House download transspaser

Moving House (PDF download)

A basic liturgy for saying goodbye

Kes Grant

Digital download: A basic, adaptable liturgy for moving house, to give thanks for the shelter that the house has provided, to remember the good times and to let go of the difficult ones.

Kes Grant is an unorthodox Church of England priest. Previously a hospital chaplain, she now works as a full-time school chaplain.

3 pages

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Looking towards summer

Bare Feet and Buttercups transspaser

Bare Feet and Buttercups

Resources for Ordinary Time – Trinity Sunday to the Feast of the Transfiguration

(Book and e-book)

Ruth Burgess

A collection of resources for the summer period of Ordinary Time – prayers, stories, responses, songs, poems, reflections and meditations, written by Iona Community members, associates, friends and others. While offering resources for groups and individuals covering the weeks from Trinity Sunday to the Feast of the Transfiguration, including Father’s Day, Saints’ days and Lammastide, much of the material can be used at other times during the year as well.

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Around a Thin Place transspaser

Around a Thin Place

An Iona pilgrimage guide

(Book and e-book)

Jane Bentley & Neil Paynter

The Iona Community runs a weekly pilgrimage around the island for those who visit, pausing for reflection at places of spiritual and historical significance, and at less obvious landmarks which offer inspiration for our daily lives and our engagement with the wider world.

This book is a rich collection of readings, prayers, poems, photographs, songs, stories and reflections. Island visitors and armchair pilgrims alike are invited to take a prayerful, perhaps life-changing, journey around what George MacLeod, the Founder of the Iona Community, described as a thin place – only a tissue paper separating the material from the spiritual.

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St Cuthbert's Way transspaser

St Cuthbert’s Way

A Pilgrims’ Companion

(Book and e-book)

Mary Low

St Cuthbert’s Way runs from Melrose in the Scottish Borders to Lindisfarne, Holy Island, off the coast of Northumberland. This book, designed as a pilgrims’ companion, presents information essential for walking the Way, together with a field guide to places of interest along the route, additional material such as songs, meditations and stories, an introduction to St Cuthbert and his time, and ideas and resources for a contemporary pilgrimage experience.

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There is also a free downloadable update to the book and a Facebook page by the author relating to the Way, with lots of nice pictures and interesting news.



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