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A note from Wild Goose


This week we have a new book by Kenneth Steven, inspired by the landscapes of Scotland and beyond.

There’s also a new download for Passiontide from Alison Swinfen – and more reminders of other resources for this season.

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New book

West transspaser


(Book & e-book)

Kenneth Steven

A new collection of poems inspired by the landscapes of Scotland and beyond, and dedicated to Kenneth’s late sister, peace activist Helen Steven: ‘She was Scotland to me …’

Kenneth Steven is best-known as a poet, although he’s also very much a novelist and children’s author. It’s the wildscape of Scotland that has been his primary inspiration. He grew up in Highland Perthshire and was taken every summer to the west coast and the islands. At the heart of those islands was Iona, the place that from childhood has been his spiritual home.

The poems are full of shining images of land and sea, and of echoes of the people who once lived in these wild and remote places; a potent reminder of the history in our geographies.
Kathy Galloway

Kenneth is regarded as one of Scotland’s finest poets and prose writers, gaining excellent reviews for his work. His admirers have included the late Poet Laureate Ted Hughes.
Ron Ferguson

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New download for Passiontide

Fearful Visits to Gardens download transspaser

Fearful Visits to Gardens (PDF download)

A cycle of poems for Passiontide

Alison Swinfen

Digital download: Eleven poems to reflect on during Passiontide. ‘a sacred time of remembering what it means for a friend, and brother, to be betrayed, to be afraid, to be humiliated, to be falsely accused, to be deserted by those who love him …’

10 pages

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More downloads for Lent and Easter

Walking in a Wider World download transspaser

Walking in a Wider World (PDF download)

Readings, reflections and prayers for Holy Week

Peter Millar

Digital download: Readings, reflections and prayers for each day of Holy Week up to Easter Monday. 9 pages.

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The Ten Beatitudes download transspaser

The Ten Beatitudes (PDF download)

Alastair McIntosh

Digital download: A reflection on the Beatitudes, encompassing the two different versions that appear in the books of Luke and Matthew and two different translations, resulting in a set of ten distilled statements to meditate on during Holy Week or at any other time of the year. Taken from the book The Sun Slowly Rises, by Neil Paynter. 4 pages.

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Seven Actions download transspaser

Seven Actions (PDF download)

A service of prayer and Holy Communion for Maundy Thursday

Stephen J Maunder

Digital download: This reflective service for Maundy Thursday was first used in 2016 to provide a new alternative to a Tenebrae liturgy. It includes prayers and meditations, and leads into Holy Communion. The liturgy focuses on the account of the Last Supper in John 13. Seven candles are lit during the service in response to seven actions, which are noted during the narrative. The lit candles offer a reminder of the presence of light even in the darkness of the eve of Good Friday. 14 pages.

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Seven Moments download transspaser

Seven Moments (PDF download)

A service of prayer and reflection for Good Friday

Stephen J Maunder

Digital download: A service of prayer and reflection recalling seven moments during the day of the death of Jesus. After each reading, one of seven candles lit at the start of the service is extinguished. 14 pages.

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Prayers for the Journey to Easter  download transspaser

Out of Our Brokenness (PDF download)

Stories for Easter

Jan Sutch Pickard

Digital download: A story within a story that can be used on Easter Sunday. It draws on Jan’s experiences as a peace monitor in Jerusalem and Bethlehem. 4 pages.

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To Walk the Way of the Cross download transspaser

To Walk the Way of the Cross (PDF download)

Prayers of intercession for Palm Sunday

David Osborne

Digital download: Prayers of intercession for Palm Sunday. 3 pages.

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For all Lent & Easter books

For all Lent & Easter downloads

Lent and Easter books


Recently published

Field With a View transspaser

Field With a View

Science and faith in a time of climate change

(Book & e-book)

Katharine M Preston

Katharine Preston challenges us to think more deeply about the human condition and our choices in this time of ever-increasing climate disturbance.

Moved by the landscapes surrounding her home, Wild Orchard Farm, and drawing on both her ecological and theological training, she writes for scientists leery of faith, people of faith who know and love the miracles of science, and anybody who shares the vision of the planet as a sacred community.

Fascinating theological reflection – grounded in the real world, and in the greatest crisis of our time on earth. I’m so glad someone is asking these questions.
Bill McKibben
Author Falter: Has the Human Game Begun to Play Itself Out?

There will be more books like this. There have to be. But read this one now, and be uplifted by Katharine’s sense of wonder, fed by her scientific and theological literacy, her experiential reasoning, and her realistic and timely passion for the Earth and all its creatures in this, our age of accelerating climate crisis.
David Coleman
Environmental Chaplain with Eco-Congregation Scotland

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Spring transspaser


Liturgical resources for February, March and April including Lent and Holy Week

(Book & e-book)

Ruth Burgess

Spring is a liturgical resource book that covers the months of February, March and April. It includes prayers, responses, stories, songs, poems, liturgies, reflections, scripts and monologues for the major Christian festivals and fast days of Lent and Holy Week, as well as for Candlemas, Fair Trade Fortnight and Earth Day. The material is written by Iona Community members, associates, friends and others.

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