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The theme of our new Iona Abbey service download from the revised Abbey Worship Book this week also leads us to highlight some of our books on the subject - taking care of Creation.

Photo: Market Bay near Camas © David Coleman


New Iona Abbey service download

Iona Abbey Creation Liturgy download transspaser

Iona Abbey Creation Liturgy (PDF download)

Iona Community

Digital download: A liturgy addressing God’s call for humanity to care for Creation. The church has not always paid due attention to this requirement, but with the threat and experience of climate change, we can no longer, in prayer or action, be neutral. Taken from the new, revised edition of the Iona Abbey Worship Book. Includes an appendix of extra resources.

10 pages

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Some books on care for Creation

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Go to the Ant transspaser

Go to the Ant

Reflections on biodiversity and the Bible

(Book and e-book)

Ghillean Prance

Christianity is often accused of asserting humanity’s dominion over nature - an attitude that has led to so much environmental destruction - and of viewing it as somehow ’fallen’, instead of teaching that we are merely a part of creation and that ’what we do to the earth, we do to ourselves’.

In fact, the Bible is teeming with information about plants and biodiversity and different animals and their behaviour, revealing that its writers, like King Solomon and the oracle Agur, had intimate everyday knowledge of the natural world around them and learned from it. Likewise, Jesus was a close observer of nature and was earthed in the here and now, as his parables show.

Ghillean Prance is Scientific Director and a Trustee of the Eden Project in Cornwall. He was Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew from 1988 to 1999.

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Every Creature a Word of God transspaser

Every Creature a Word of God (e-book)

Compassion for animals as Christian spirituality

Annika Spalde & Pelle Strindlund

Care for creation includes examining our attitude to all our fellow-inhabitants of Planet Earth, not only the human ones. The authors offer an authoritative and highly readable book on Christian attitudes past and present towards the animal inhabitants of our world, as well as describing their own work for justice. But this isn’t just a book about protecting animals; it is full of wide-ranging insights and experiences which also make it an inspiration towards living an all-encompassing Christian spirituality with compassion at its heart.

(Available from Wild Goose as an e-book only.)

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Love for the Future transspaser

Love for the Future

A journey

(Book and e-book)

David Osborne

Climate change, pollution and diminishing resources mean that the future will be difficult for life on earth. We need the courage to face up to what is happening, the determination to work at the problems and the freedom to let go of the old ways of living which are causing such damage to the earth. David Osborne tells of a long pilgrimage on foot to the island of Iona, an ancient centre of Celtic Christianity, and draws on the Bible, the Christian tradition and other sources of wisdom to suggest the qualities we need to develop in ourselves for the journey we face into the future.

Includes material for personal reflection and group discussion, pointers for further reading, and practical suggestions for a way of living in which we can make our own journey into the future with love.

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The Landscape Below transspaser

The Landscape Below

Soil, soul and agriculture

(Book and e-book)

Bruce C Ball

Aimed at all concerned about the environment, this book presents a radical vision of the future of farming and community life, based on hidden insights from the life and spirit of the soil and on the author’s experiences of growing up in the small agricultural community of Clatt in North-East Scotland. With a foreword by Alastair McIntosh, author of Soil and Soul.

Bruce Ball is a soils specialist with a research and consultancy career spanning more than 35 years. His regular contact with soil in the field and with farmers has led to a deep understanding of the critical importance of soil to our future survival.

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The Healer’s Tree transspaser

The Healer’s Tree

A Bible-based resource on ecology, peace and justice

(Book and e-book)

Annie Heppenstall

A book of 28 short readings and reflections in response to the call back to the garden, back to full relationship with God and all creation. It reflects on the struggle to make sense of living as mortals who are drawn by spiritual aspirations and a desire for God, but are also bound to the earth and one another, with a need to find real faith-based responses to the ecological and humanitarian dilemmas facing the world.

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Recently published

Colliding with God transspaser

Colliding with God

New and selected poems of faith and doubt

(Book and e-book)

Richard Skinner

Witty and reflective poems of faith and doubt, starting with the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden and concluding with the events of the first Easter, taking in on the way Julian of Norwich’s hazelnut, Mastermind, God as a blizzard, and the eighth deadly sin.

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Wild Goose Big Book of Worship Resources transspaser

Wild Goose Big Book of Worship Resources

(Book and e-book)

The Iona Community

A wide-ranging collection of resources for Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, Transfiguration, Harvest, Holocaust Memorial Day, Mothering Sunday, and other special days, and on areas of concern, like refugees and peacemaking. Originally published as single digital downloads.

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Iona: A Map transspaser

Iona: A Map (new updated edition)

Available in folded or flat versions

The Iona Community

This new edition has been extensively redrawn to reflect new and changed use of buildings, rerouted fence lines, etc.

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The Sun Slowly Rises transspaser

The Sun Slowly Rises

Readings, reflections and prayers for Holy Week from the Iona Community

Neil Paynter

Bible readings, reflections and prayers for the days of Holy Week, and a large section of resources, from members, associates and friends of the Iona Community.

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Iona Abbey Worship Book (New revised edition) transspaser

Iona Abbey Worship Book
(New revised edition)

(Book and e-book)

The Iona Community

This new edition of the Iona Abbey Worship Book has been extensively revised and rearranged. About 80% of the text is new material which has been developed by members of the Iona Community since the previous edition.

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