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We have a new download of resources for worship from Iona Community member Jan Sutch Pickard this week. It also seems a good opportunity to mention some of her books as well.

Remember, if you want to contribute to a new book about Iona, look here.

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New download

An interview with Mrs Grumpy download transspaser

An interview with Mrs Grumpy (PDF download)

And other dialogues and monologues for worship –
on Exodus 16 and 17, Matthew 1:18–25, Mark 8:1–10,
Luke 4:38–40, Luke 9:46–48

Jan Sutch Pickard

Digital download: A reporter interviews a grumpy follower of Moses; Joseph meets an angel of the Lord; Simon’s mother-in-law is raised up to cook a meal fit for a king; 4000 hungry souls are given a free lunch; and the disciples argue about who is the greatest … Entertaining, thought-provoking resources for worship from storyteller Jan Sutch Pickard.

Jan Sutch Pickard is a former Warden of Iona Abbey, a writer and storyteller and a Methodist lay preacher. She has twice served as a peace monitor with the Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel.

11 pages

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Some books by Jan Sutch Pickard

Dandelions and Thistles transspaser

Dandelions and Thistles

Biblical meditations from the Iona Community


Jan Sutch Pickard

This beautiful book presents Bible stories in the form of radical and thought-provoking meditations by contributors well known throughout the various denominations of the Church and as Iona Community authors. These monologues, scripts and poems give profound and sensitive messages in a simple and direct style accessible to all, making them perfect for use in group or worship situations or for individual reflection.

Contributors include: Jan Sutch Pickard • Kate McIlhagga • John L. Bell • Joy Mead • Ruth Burgess • Yvonne Morland • David Osborne • Kathy Galloway • Norman Shanks • John Davies • Anna Briggs

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Out of Iona transspaser

Out of Iona

Words from a crossroads of the world

(Book and e-book)

Jan Sutch Pickard

Iona is a place of paradoxes. A destination of beauty and pilgrimage for many, it is also a place of change and challenging experience. All the poems, readings and reflections in this book come ‘out of Iona’: they were written, inspired or developed there, some for use in the daily services in Iona Abbey. However, Iona is not only a welcoming place; it is and always has been a sending place. Therefore, the final three sequences take us ‘out of Iona’, back into a wider world where prayer and politics belong together as much as they do on that remote Hebridean island, although our engagement with them may take different forms.

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Walking Through Advent transspaser

Walking Through Advent

Daily readings

(Book and e-book)

Jan Sutch Pickard

Advent is a time of wonder and waiting – but that’s not a passive thing. We need to walk into Advent with our eyes open. We walk through a world where wars are being waged and babies are being born. We are humbled by our inability to do much about what is wrong. But we do our best: to be kind, caring, to understand the meaning of mercy. We do our best to be even-handed, to act justly.

Words from the prophet Micah inspired this book. But it also reflects the words of a later prophet, George Fox: ‘Walk cheerfully over the world, answering that of God in everyone.’ Join us on a cheerful, thoughtful, justice-seeking journey towards Bethlehem, a journey day by day through Advent.

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An invitation to contribute to a book

Send your Iona stories for a new Wild Goose book

WGP editor Neil Paynter says:

‘I’m currently editing a book of short daily readings to help highlight and support the Iona Community’s Capital Appeal. I’m looking for those human stories from Iona. You know the ones – we all have them. Stories about people and the power of the Spirit. About different folk coming together – from different countries, backgrounds … Stories of encounter, challenge, exchange, transformation – that show why Iona and what the Iona Community does there is important to the world. That give it a human face.’

Deadline: July 30, 2016. Word count: Approximately 500 words.

Please send contributions to: neil@ionabooks.com


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