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Advent card - Homecoming


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This week sees a new download on light that can be used around the time of Candlemas or at any time of the year. We also give a reminder of resources for celebrating love, with Valentine's Day coming up, and mention some more of our publications for Lent and Easter.

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New download

Praying with Light download transspaser

Praying with Light (PDF download)

In Candlemas and starless nights

Rebeka Maples

Digital download: Poems, prayers and meditations which could be used in a daily discipline.

The liturgical year is filled with seasons of light. We move through the seasons and bring our weary light-deprived souls with us, as if there is no light, as if it only shines at Christmas, on the righteous, the lucky, or the blessed. But light is a part of life and we are all blessed with it. It surrounds us and breathes over us and through us. It blinds us and invades us. Light finds a way, when there is no way. Light is a lamp in the darkness and a beacon through the storms that life bombards us with on the journey.

The Sunday of Candlemas marks the end of the Christmas season, but it does not mark the end of light coming into the world; rather it reminds us that the joy of Christ’s birth is only the beginning of the gift we have been given, are given, and will be given.

Rebeka Maples is Director of Spiritual Formation for local pastors in Course of Study at the Methodist Theological School in Ohio. She retired from parish ministry after serving Methodist churches in England and the U.S., but continues working with clergy and spiritual directors in various ecumenical contexts. Her inspiration comes from nature and the arts, with an eye for the holy wherever it may appear. She is a member of Spiritual Directors International and an associate member of the Iona Community.

42 pages

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Resources for Valentine’s Day

Love Has Many Faces download transspaser

Love Has Many Faces (PDF download)

A meditative prayer for Valentine’s Day

Ian M Fraser

Digital download: A meditative prayer for Valentine’s day, giving thanks for love and the ‘goodness at the heart of humanity, planted more deeply than all that is wrong’. 3 pages.

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An Invocation and Celebration of Love download transspaser

An Invocation and Celebration of Love (PDF download)

Annie Heppenstall

Digital download: A participative liturgy on love, designed to be carried out in a circle around a low table. 11 pages.

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Prayers and Readings for Valentine’s Day download transspaser

Prayers and Readings for Valentine’s Day (PDF download)

From various Wild Goose books

Digital download: For a slightly different take on celebrating love – from the romantic and erotic to the universal and divine. Includes contributions by Annie Heppenstall, Ruth Burgess, Rosie Miles, Nicola Slee, Jan Berry, Thom Shuman, Kathy Galloway and many others. 31 pages.

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More books for Lent & Easter

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The Risen Dust transspaser

The Risen Dust

(Book & e-book)

Poems and stories of passion & resurrection

Rachel Mann

Powerful and moving readings, stories and poems for Easter. Rachel Mann writes with the voices of the characters involved in the biblical accounts of passion and resurrection, unafraid to explore the darkest aspects evoked by these events.

The accounts of scapegoating, of power and violence and hope found in the gospels will always be current and significant. The story of Jesus Christ and of those who surrounded him remains a defining narrative of our time.

Rachel Mann is an Anglican parish priest and writer. She is Resident Poet at Manchester Cathedral.

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Lent and Easter Readings from Iona transspaser

Lent and Easter Readings from Iona

(Book & e-book)

Neil Paynter

Lent is traditionally a time of repentance and penitence but it also offers an opportunity to see the world afresh. These readings encourage us not only to regard ourselves with a healthy realism, so that we can accept responsibility for our shortcomings, but also to recognise the nature and purposes of God and the never-ending renewal of possibility, both within ourselves and in the world.

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Enemy of Apathy transspaser

Enemy of Apathy

(Songbook & CD)

Songs and chants for Lent, Eastertide and Pentecost

John L Bell / Graham Maule

The songbook contains sixty-two songs and chants for Lent, Eastertide and Pentecost. Includes: Travelling the road to freedom * Be still and know * Jesus Christ is waiting * Lord of the morning * Kyrie/Sanctus & Benedictus/Agnus Dei (Kentigern setting) etc.

The CD contains 18 tracks.

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Iona Dawn transspaser

Iona Dawn

(Book & e-book)

Through Holy Week with the Iona Community

Neil Paynter

The dramatic events of the days leading up to Easter Sunday are expressed through biblical readings and the reflections by various contributors. Connecting the denials, betrayals, suffering and eventual new dawn of this life-changing week with what is happening in our own world today, this book accompanies the reader as an insightful guide.

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Invitation to contribute to a new book

Ruth Burgess is inviting contributions for a new book. She says: ‘I am looking for stories, biblical reflections, monologues, conversations and poems and scripts relating to passages in the Old Testament and the Apocrypha for a new book which will be published by Wild Goose Publications, hopefully in the autumn of 2017. (I am not looking for prayers or songs or liturgies though.)’

Deadline: February 24th 2017

For more details or to contribute, contact ruthburgess2003@yahoo.co.uk or admin@ionabooks.com.

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