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A look at a few more of our older books this week, while we work on some new offerings which will be coming quite soon.

Photo: On the Iona pilgrimage © David Coleman


Oldies but goodies

Daily Readings with George MacLeod transspaser

Daily Readings with George MacLeod

The founder of the Iona Community

Ron Ferguson (ed)

Many lives were changed by George MacLeod’s spine-tingling sermons, and many more by his personal example. The extracts in this book, which can be used to inspire personal or group reflection, give a flavour of the passion and poetry of the Celtic mystic who led the rebuilding of Iona Abbey, and whose theology was worked out not in the study, but out on the street.

Invisible we see You, Christ beneath us.
With earthly eyes we see beneath us stones and dust and dross,
fit subjects for the analyst’s table.
But with the eye of faith, we know You uphold.
In You all things consist and hang together:
   the very atom is light energy,
   the grass is vibrant,
   the rocks pulsate.

All is in flux; turn but a stone and an angel moves.
Underneath are the everlasting arms.
Unknowable we know You, Christ beneath us.

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The Whole Earth Shall Cry Glory transspaser

The Whole Earth Shall Cry Glory

Iona prayers

George MacLeod

‘To be in a seat at Iona Abbey, to be moved by the awesome oratory of a MacLeod sermon in full flood, to be led into the nearer presence of God by means of kaleidoscopic, imaginative prayer, was to be privileged and — more importantly — to be changed.

‘For George MacLeod the material is the vehicle of the spiritual and is therefore holy: if Christ is in all things, everything is every blessed thing … It is a theology of incarnation and a theology of transfiguration …’

Ron Ferguson, former Leader of the Iona Community

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Word of Mouth transspaser

Word of Mouth

Using the remembered Bible for building community

Janet Lees

Word of Mouth presents a method of using remembered (oral, not written) versions of the Bible with people of all ages and abilities. It describes remembered Bible study sessions that the author has conducted and gives examples of the liturgy, stories and prayers that have grown out of them.

A closer look at the life of Jesus and the fullness of his humanity reveals that he was someone who spent his life with marginalised people, ‘on the edge’ of society. When a group of people remember his story together, they begin to recognise the connections between the gospel and the ordinary events of their daily lives. As a result, their own stories gradually emerge from silence. Telling the story and interpreting it become inextricably linked.

Janet Lees is a speech therapist and an ordained minister of the United Reformed Church. She has been developing the remembered Bible method for many years through worship and training events both locally and around the UK.

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Tell Me the Stories of Jesus transspaser

Tell Me the Stories of Jesus

A companion to the remembered gospel

Janet Lees

This sequel to Word of Mouth is based on work done with many groups of different sizes, ages and cultures using the remembered Bible method. The examples are set out to encourage other groups to just ‘go for it’: remember and by remembering share life and build community. This companion to the remembered gospel aims to encourage and support those who want to work with this process with ordinary people in any place.

It includes more than fifty starters for remembered Bible sessions and suggestions for doing remembering in particular contexts to enhance community-building. It also includes examples of prayers and reflections that have grown out of using this method.

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Some recent publications

The Warriors Who Do Not Fight transspaser

The Warriors Who Do Not Fight

(Book and e-book)

Alison Phipps & Tawona Sitholé

In September 2015 the world woke up to the fact that people seeking refuge from war and persecution were drowning by their thousands in the Mediterranean. In an echoing call and response Alison Phipps and Tawona Sitholé offer poems for these times of war; ways of wondering what it means to resist; to suffer with; to bear witness; to seek companionship; to be part of the agony of a family made in love, and parting, separated by land, sea and paperwork.

Luminous, beautiful and sore. Poetry that is lyrical and tender, wounded and elegiac, probing and incantatory. And above all else life-affirming.
Karine Polwart, Scottish singer-songwriter

132 pages

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Strange Majesty transspaser

Strange Majesty

The hymns of Leith Fisher

(Book and e-book)

Douglas Galbraith (ed)

22 hymns (words & music) by Leith Fisher, who was a minister and a member of the Iona Community. They are set not only to known hymn tunes but to traditional Scottish melodies, including from the Hebridean tradition, which was a much-loved part of the author’s musical landscape.

Buy the book and e-book together and pay only £2 plus VAT for the e-book (instead of £5.10 plus VAT). PDF version only, to allow for printout of the songs for ease of use. The discount will show up during checkout.

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The Sound of Iona transspaser

The Sound of Iona (CD and audio download)

Poetry and music inspired by the landscape

Kenneth Steven
With music by Wendy Stewart

An Iona soundscape: a melding of wind and waves, the laughter of children, the sounds of birds, and some of Kenneth Steven’s poems, with harp music by Wendy Stewart. For those who know Iona as much as for those who have always wanted to find a way of reaching Columba’s holy isle.

Runtime 26 minutes

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Known Unknowns transspaser

Known Unknowns

100 contemporary texts to common tunes


John L Bell & Graham Maule

One hundred 21st-century hymn texts by John L Bell & Graham Maule that can be sung to familiar tunes.

Hymns, songs and psalm paraphrases by John Bell and Graham Maule - intentionally words only - with each item married to one or more tunes in any congregation's repertoire. A wide range of subjects and pastoral concerns is covered, including abuse, change, illness, dismay and healing.

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Fundraising items

For more information about the Iona Abbey Capital Appeal ...

Iona Calendar 2019 download transspaser

Iona Calendar 2019

Photographs by Iain Sarjeant

The Highland Family Group of the Iona Community has produced this beautiful Iona calendar for 2019, in conjunction with photographer Iain Sarjeant. The calendar is 21cm x 21cm, and comes with a bonus picture of one of the more elusive places on Iona.

All profits from the sale of this calendar will go to the Iona Abbey Capital Appeal.

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Easter Day download transspaser

Iona Abbey Easter Worship (audio download)

A live recording of the journey through Holy Week

The Iona Community

A recording of worship in Iona Abbey from Holy Week and Easter Sunday from the 1990s. Pay only £1 ex VAT and kindly add a donation of your choice to the fund at checkout (just below the shopping cart).

Available as two audio downloads of approximately 60 MB each

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Iona of My Heart transspaser

Iona of My Heart

Daily readings

(Book and e-book)

Neil Paynter

Inspiring human stories from Iona – of encounter, challenge, exchange, connection, transformation. Stories about people and the power of the Spirit … Four months of daily readings. Royalties go to the Iona Community’s Iona Abbey Capital Appeal.

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