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All around Halloween download transspaser

All around Halloween (PDF download)

Resources for Samhain, All Hallows’ Eve, All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day

Ruth Burgess

Digital download: Prayers, reflections, liturgies, litanies and activities for celebrating the period around Halloween – including Samhain, All Hallows’ Eve, All Saints’ Day and All Souls’ Day. Contributions by several authors. Some of these pieces have previously appeared in various books.

43 pages

Samhain is here.
Summer is ending.
We bring in the harvest.
We turn back the clocks.

All Hallows’ Eve is here.
We remember our ancestors.
We get up to mischief.
We face up to death.

All Saints’ Day is here.
We name our favourites.
We recount their deeds.
We give thanks for their lives.

All Souls’ Day is here.
We remember our friends and families.
We tell their stories.
We smile and we weep.

Halloween is here –
spooks and skeletons.
Scary stories.
Tricks and treats.

Pumpkins to carve.
Apples to bob in water.
Bonfires to build.
Rituals to perform.

Heaven and earth are close;
the dead are very near.
We are caught up in the mystery
of living and dying.

What are we afraid of?
What is it about death that scares us?
What do we think about Hell and Heaven?
Who can we talk with about our fears?

Death is part of life.
Fear and courage are both needed.
Summer is ending.
Halloween is here.

‘Summer is ending’, Ruth Burgess

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About food

For World Food Day, October 16th

For the Hands download transspaser

For the Hands (PDF download)

Various contributors

Digital download: A collection of graces and prayers giving thanks for the sources of our food and the long chain of hands that bring it to us. Taken from the book Blessed Be Our Table: Graces for mealtimes & reflections on food, by Neil Paynter.

13 pages

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Take, eat, I call you my friend download transspaser

‘Take, eat, I call you my friend’ (PDF download)

On sharing bread

Alison Swinfen

Digital download: A dialogue and a reflection on the amazing possibilities opened up by the taste of bread, and how real solutions to the greed, dependency and oppression of the world are based on deep practices of sharing.

5 pages

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The Landscape Below transspaser

Hunger for Justice (PDF download)

Nancy Cocks

Digital download: A service for all ages about not having enough to eat and about being hungry to share what we have. Includes a drawing/colouring activity.

9 pages

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In the Beginning download transspaser

In the Beginning … (PDF download)

A liturgy for Harvest Festival

Joy Mead

Digital download: A service for celebrating Harvest with an emphasis on the importance of seeds and soil, and reminding us that hunger isn't caused by scarcity but by injustice.

11 pages

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