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God of the elements prayer  

Beyond Easter

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Lord of the Upper Room download transspaser

Lord of the Upper Room (PDF download)

A prayer for the first Sunday after Easter

Roddy Cowie

Digital download: A prayer for those who lock themselves away from the world, for use on the first Sunday after Easter.

2 pages

Roddy Cowie is an Associate of the Iona Community, a lay reader in the Church of Ireland and Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Queen’s, Belfast.

For more information and to see a sample

Walking to Emmaus Again download transspaser

Walking to Emmaus Again (PDF download)

Sarah Agnew

Digital download: A dramatic and poetic telling of the road to Emmaus story, for two actors and a narrator.

Sarah Agnew is a storyteller, poet and minister in the Uniting Church in Australia, who leads worship, workshops and retreats with people in many places.

6 pages

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Resurrection Appearances download transspaser

Resurrection Appearances (PDF download)

Various contributors

Digital download: Biblical reflections, readings, songs, drama scripts, a sermon and prayers all relating to Jesus’ appearances to his disciples after his resurrection, taken from the book Fire and Bread, by Ruth Burgess.

38 pages

For more information and to see a sample and list of contents
For the complete book Fire and Bread: Resources for Easter Day to Trinity Sunday

Into the Heart of God download transspaser

Into the Heart of God (PDF+PPT download)

A liturgy of Communion for Ascension

Thom M Shuman

Digital download: A communion liturgy for Ascension - a reminder that at Pentecost the torch of Jesus' ministry was passed on to the disciples, and down to us through all the centuries.

PDF and PowerPoint formats
9 pages / 35 slides

There is also a separate PDF version of this download and a separate PowerPoint version.

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Ascension and Pentecost download transspaser

Ascension and Pentecost (PDF download)

All-age resources and ideas

Janet Lees

Digital download: A poem and a prayer for Ascension and some suggested all-age activities, prayers and songs for Pentecost.

Janet Lees is a URC minister and a speech therapist, and has been Chaplain at Silcoates School in Wakefield since 2010.

4 pages

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The Day of the Vision download transspaser

The Day of the Vision (PDF download)

A dramatic reading and prayers on Acts 10

Chris Polhill

Digital download: Three prayers, some suggested Bible readings and a dramatic reading based on Acts 10 - all suitable to be used as part of a Pentecost service or Communion.

Chris Polhill is a member of the Iona Community and one of the first women priests in the Church of England.

5 pages

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