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The world often seems a very dark place these days - or perhaps it's just that more of us are increasingly aware of the bad things. Below are a few of our downloads and books reflecting on death, loss, grieving and difficult choices.

On a more cheery note, there's news of some guest weeks at the St Columba Hotel on Iona this autumn led by some of our authors and others, while the Abbey is closed for refurbishment.

Photo: Ferry to Iona © David Coleman


Some downloads

Death and Bereavement download transspaser

Death and Bereavement (PDF download)

Glendon Macaulay

Digital download: Three reflections and a prayer for situations of death and bereavement. Taken from the book Dirt, Mess and Danger, by Glendon Macaulay.

6 pages

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When the Road is Hard download transspaser

When the Road is Hard (PDF download)

Various contributors

Digital download: Blessings and prayers for times of darkness and for those in distress, taken from A Book of Blessings … and how to write your own by Ruth Burgess.

4 pages

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Some books

God in the Dark transspaser

God in the Dark

Rebuilding faith when bad stuff happens

(Book and e-book)

Peter Longson

What becomes of faith in God when bad stuff happens? How do we react when we realise that, for all its glories, this world can be a dark, dangerous and disappointing place? Peter Longson’s honest, unflinching exploration of the nature of evil and its consequences for life and faith leads him to some surprising and liberating conclusions about the nature of God.

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Hard Words for Interesting Times transspaser

Hard Words for Interesting Times

Biblical texts in contemporary contexts


John L Bell

In this second collection of sermons and addresses, John L Bell proves that he is not one to shy away from the challenges provided by biblical stories. Likewise he proves startlingly adept at articulating the often uncomfortable questions the Bible poses for contemporary life. His reflections cover a range of life issues and situations: from patience and love to transfiguration and death - and incisively, in the longest piece in the collection, the events of September 11th, 2001.

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Saying Goodbye transspaser

Saying Goodbye

Resources for funerals, scattering ashes and remembering

(Book and e-book)

Ruth Burgess

A resource book for anyone who is planning a funeral. You may be a family member or a friend of someone who has died. You may be planning your own funeral. You may arrange and conduct funerals professionally. Here you will find an abundance of words and ideas for celebrating a life in ways that are personal and honest.

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Autumn Encounters weeks 2017

Joint venture between the St Columba Hotel, Iona
and the Iona Community

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21-28th October
Walking into Winter
Led by Jan Sutch Pickard, Joy Mead, and Ruth Burgess

As the seasons change and the year draws towards its close, what words and images come to the forefront of our minds? How can we make creative use of these - through storytelling, poetry, and writing - to help us shape our journeys into winter? A week of conversation and collaboration with three well loved Wild Goose authors and Iona Community Members.

28 October-4th November
Stillness, Silence, and Song
Led by Alison Adam and Cara Riley

In the changing light and landscapes of autumn on Iona, come and experience an unhurried week of meditation and song on this sacred island. There will be space for stillness and reflection, time to roam, and room for encounter with self and others, Creation and the Creator.

4-11th November
Cycles of Grace: Exploring the Ten Beatitudes
Led by Alastair McIntosh

The Beatitudes set out by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount are the essence, not just of the Christian faith, but of all faiths that are drawn from the wells of love. How can we live well when the world seems graceless? What gifts from the Beatitudes might wait for us to share? Under the expert guidance of activist, author, and poet Alastair McIntosh we will reflect on ten Beatitudes and on how we might complete the cycles of grace they set in motion.

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Recently published

Colliding with God transspaser

Colliding with God

New and selected poems of faith and doubt

(Book and e-book)

Richard Skinner

Witty and reflective poems of faith and doubt, starting with the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden and concluding with the events of the first Easter, taking in on the way Julian of Norwich’s hazelnut, Mastermind, God as a blizzard, and the eighth deadly sin.

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Wild Goose Big Book of Worship Resources transspaser

Wild Goose Big Book of Worship Resources

(Book and e-book)

The Iona Community

A wide-ranging collection of resources for Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, Transfiguration, Harvest, Holocaust Memorial Day, Mothering Sunday, and other special days, and on areas of concern, like refugees and peacemaking. Originally published as single digital downloads.

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Iona: A Map transspaser

Iona: A Map (new updated edition)

Available in folded or flat versions

The Iona Community

This new edition has been extensively redrawn to reflect new and changed use of buildings, rerouted fence lines, etc.

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The Sun Slowly Rises transspaser

The Sun Slowly Rises

Readings, reflections and prayers for Holy Week from the Iona Community

Neil Paynter

Bible readings, reflections and prayers for the days of Holy Week, and a large section of resources, from members, associates and friends of the Iona Community.

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Iona Abbey Worship Book (New revised edition) transspaser

Iona Abbey Worship Book
(New revised edition)

(Book and e-book)

The Iona Community

This new edition of the Iona Abbey Worship Book has been extensively revised and rearranged. About 80% of the text is new material which has been developed by members of the Iona Community since the previous edition.

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