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New download for Good Friday

Stations of the Village download transspaser

Stations of the Village (PDF download)

A Good Friday walk of witness

Rosemary Power

Digital download: Originally compiled for a Highland village, this ecumenical prayer walk uses local landmarks to relate to the concerns of the community and its links to the wider world. It is based on the medieval tradition of fourteen stations of the Cross and uses scriptural passages, well-known hymns and reflective poetry.

As every small community will be geographically different, it can be adapted to provide a feasible route. With stops, the event should take between 60 and 90 minutes at a gentle pace.

The walk is meant as quiet blessing, based on the Christian faith offered but not imposed. It begins at one church and ends at another, where it can be timed to fit with a Good Friday service.

24 pages

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This is part two of an eventual five-part Easter sequence by Rosemary Power. Part one, published recently, is:

The Empty Day download transspaser

The Empty Day (PDF download)

A time to grieve and remember

Rosemary Power

Digital download: A liturgy for group use, intended as a way of using Holy Saturday within the context of Passion liturgy, by pausing, and reflecting on a world without God, and on our own human losses. The voices of the women who kept the Sabbath, and Passover, are used as a basis for reflection. There are also pauses for stories from scripture, and for those present to add something from their own stories.

14 pages

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More downloads for Holy Week & Easter Sunday

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With Intuition, Imagination and Love download transspaser

With Intuition, Imagination and Love (PDF download)

A Maundy Thursday service of anointing

Sarah Agnew & Jan Sutch Pickard


Digital download: A service of anointing for Maundy Thursday, with poems, readings and symbolic action. 14 pages.

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Following the Light of God’s Spirit download transspaser

Maundy Thursday Meditation (PDF Download)

Glendon Macaulay

Digital download: A guided meditation for the night before the crucifixion, leading directly into Holy Communion. Taken from the book Dirt, Mess and Danger, by Glendon Macaulay. 3 pages.

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In That Upper Room Called Your Heart download transspaser

Good Friday – The veil of the temple (PDF download)

Stephen Wright

Digital download: A reflection, a poem and a prayer for Good Friday on the hope beyond the despair of the day and the mystery of the torn veil of the temple. Taken from the book The Sun Slowly Rises, by Neil Paynter. 6 pages.

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Seven Moments download transspaser

It Wasn’t the Nails (PDF download)

A reflection and prayers on the cross

David Rhodes

Digital download: It’s easy to think of the Crucifixion as something that happened a long time ago. But for some people every day is Good Friday. People forced into poverty, those who are homeless. Those seeking asylum. People crushed by debt and treated with contempt by the powerful. Jesus is crucified today in their suffering. 9 pages.

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Living Easter download transspaser

Living Easter (PDF download)

An all-age communion for Easter

Nancy Cocks

Digital download: Another of Nancy’s lively communion services for all ages, this time for Easter Sunday and incorporating a rooster’s view of the Resurrection. 13 pages.

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Resurrection Appearances download transspaser

Resurrection Appearances (PDF Download)

Various contributors

Digital download: Biblical reflections, readings, songs, drama scripts, a sermon and prayers all relating to Jesus’ appearances to his disciples after his resurrection, taken from the book Fire and Bread, by Ruth Burgess. 38 pages.

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Recently published

In Love with the Life of Life transspaser

In Love with the Life of Life

Daily readings for Lent and Holy Week

Neil Paynter (ed)

Daily readings, with prayers, poems and actions, for Lent and Holy Week from members, associates and friends of the Iona Community. Also includes a section of additional resources for Lent, Holy Week and Easter.

Contributors include Ruth Burgess, Nancy Cocks, Brian Woodcock, Donald Eadie, Iain and Isabel Whyte, Peter Millar, Janet Lees, Jan Sutch Pickard, Warren Bardsley, Alex Clare-Young, Thom M Shuman, Kathy Galloway, Christian MacLean, Timothy Gorringe, Katharine M Preston, Richard Skinner, Carol Dixon, Niall Cooper, Anna Briggs, Alastair McIntosh, Martin Johnstone, and others.

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