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This week we have a new book of communion liturgies and other resources by Thom Shuman. Also, as those of you with BT-related email addresses may not have received our last two or three newsletters, we mention again our other recent publications.

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Just published

The Soft Petals of Grace transspaser

The Soft Petals of Grace

Communion liturgies and other resources

(Book and e-book)

Thom M Shuman

A collection of communion liturgies and other resources covering Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Holy Week, Easter, Ascension, Pentecost, Trinity and Transfiguration.

The ancient words of scripture become alive when we realise that the old couple called to new ministry are sitting on the bus next to us, that the children Jesus wants to bless are those on the news, fleeing their war-torn country, that the folk hungry for healing and hope are our next-door neighbours. The stories and people in the Bible speak to us today – if we listen with our hearts and souls.

Thom Shuman writes: ‘So much of the ordinary is truly extraordinary, so much of what we take for granted are the soft petals of grace strewn on the paths we walk, so much of the air we breathe is filled with wonder, hope, joy and peace.’ An awareness Thom first experienced while on sabbatical at the spiritual centres of Taizé, the Abbey of Gethsemani and Iona, where these liturgies and prayers first took root.

Thom M Shuman is the author of The Jesse Tree: Daily Readings for Advent, Gobsmacked: Daily Devotions for Advent and is a contributor to many Wild Goose anthologies. He lives in Columbus, Ohio and is an Associate member of the Iona Community.

Some of the resources in this book have been published separately as PDF downloads.

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Recently published

Walking Our Story transspaser

Walking Our Story

Selected and new poems 2001 to 2016

(Book & e-book)

Joy Mead

Walking Our Story is a collection of much-used and favourite poems from Joy Mead. Many of them have been selected by the author’s readers and friends, who ask ‘Where can I find …?’ when they want a poem for a special occasion. Other poems tell of a path in poetry shared with people the author knows and loves, as well as strangers. Not a path to follow but a path made by walking – a kind of pilgrimage.

And there are new poems too … the walk, the story, the poetry go on …

See how they come:
bare feet on the warm earth,
disturbing the dust of ages,
to the telling place
where the joy of birth
and beginnings is shared
and the colours
of hope imagined:

for every baby born, a star
for all life on earth,
a story and a promise.

(From A parable of being)

Joy Mead is a member of the Iona Community and the author of several books and downloads.

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Recent new downloads

Every Day is a Day of Joy download transspaser

Every Day is a Day of Joy (PDF download)

An all-age communion for summertime on the theme of play

Thom M Shuman

Digital download: A joyful all-age communion liturgy celebrating the beauty of the world and the fun that can be had in the hot, sparkling days of summer – and the importance of remaining playful even if we are ‘grown up’.

7 pages

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Jesus Was a Refugee download transspaser

Jesus Was a Refugee (PDF download)

Resources for worship

Tom Gordon

Digital download: Reflections, prayers, stories, poems and a hymn addressing the plight of modern-day refugees, who yearn for community and security, who long to be settled and live in peace.

Tom Gordon is a former hospice chaplain, storyteller and member of the Iona Community. He is the author of several books, including Look Well to This Day, A Blessing to Follow, Welcoming Each Wonder, and With An Open Eye.

18 pages

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One for the Baptiser download transspaser

One for the Baptiser (PDF download)

All-age resources for baptisms and Baptismas (the Feast of the Baptism of Jesus)

Janet Lees

Digital download: All-age resources for baptisms and for celebrating ‘Baptismas’ (‘Like Christmas; only for Baptism’). School chaplain Janet Lees thinks that church is generally far too predictable and delights in creating, along with her pupils, new approaches to old themes.

Janet Lees is a URC minister and a speech therapist, and has been Chaplain at Silcoates School in Wakefield since 2010. She is the author of two books – Word of Mouth and Tell Me the Stories of Jesus – and several shorter digital downloads, all published by Wild Goose.

18 pages

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