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A new liturgy download this week addressing the ever-present problem of bullying. Also a reminder of some resources for Lammastide and another look at one of our older books, on interfaith issues.

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New download

Bullying download transspaser

Bullying (PDF download)

A liturgy for those who are burdened, and a reflection

Rosemary Power

Digital download: A liturgy in seven sections, for use in a small group with those who are burdened by bullying. There is also a reflection on bullying in the church.

This liturgy is intended for use in a small group with those who experience this form of spiritual malaise: targets of bullying, advisers, those with responsibility for addressing bullying, onlookers, and, if possible, as a guideline for perpetrators. It is designed so that people can pray together for one person, or more, in turn.


– Introduction
– Gathering
– Weariness
– Pain
– Thanksgiving for companions
– Justice, mercy and the road to forgiveness
– Hope
– Blessing
Bullying in the church: a reflection

33 pages

For more information and to see a sample


For Lammas

Resources for Lammastide download transspaser

Resources for Lammastide (PDF Download)

Ruth Burgess

Digital download: Prayers, responses and a reflection for Lammastide, taken from the book Bare Feet and Buttercups, by Ruth Burgess. In the past in Britain Lammas Day (August 1st) was a celebration of thanksgiving, and loaves of bread were baked from the first wheat crop and brought to church to be used as Communion bread.

God of the ripe corn (prayer)
The first fruits (prayer)
My brave father (reflection)
First and last fruits (prayer)
God of the harvest (responses)

3 pages

For more information and to see a sample

For the complete book Bare Feet and Buttercups: Resources for Ordinary Time – Trinity Sunday to the Feast of the Transfiguration


A golden oldie

A Heart Broken Open transspaser

A Heart Broken Open

Radical faith in an age of fear

(Book & e-book)

Ray Gaston

A moving and insightful reflection by a Christian minister on his grassroots engagement with Islam – from inner-city parish ministry in Leeds to the streets of Karbala at a time of rising Islamophobia and the ‘War on Terror’.

The book also includes responses from some of the author’s partners in dialogue.

Ray Gaston was in parish ministry in inner-city Leeds for 12 years, followed by several years as Interfaith Studies Tutor and Enabler with the Queen’s Foundation for Ecumenical Theological Education and the Birmingham District of the Methodist Church.

For more information and to see a sample

For the e-book version


A call for contributions

We are looking for contributions for downloads relating to mental health. If you have any prayers, blessings, liturgies, reflections or other material that you would like to contribute to this project, please contact neil@ionabooks.com and use the subject-line Mental health. Thank you.


Recent publications

Grace Will Walk Us Home transspaser

Grace Will Walk Us Home

A daily discipline of Bible readings and short prayers

(Book & e-book)

Thom M Shuman

We may read the Bible to score political points. We may read it to get ideas for addresses and talks. But how often do we read the Bible to feed our heart and soul?

In over 30 years of ministry Thom Shuman had taught studies on just about every book in the Bible and had gone through the cycle of Sunday readings many times. He’d spent a lot of ‘professional’ time in the Bible, but realised he’d never really read the Bible from beginning to end to feed his spiritual life. So that’s what he did, each day discovering a word, phrase or verse which spoke to him, letting it play around in his mind, and then writing a short prayer or ‘nudge’. At the end of the year, he had 365 of them, which are shared with you here. ‘I hope they speak to your heart and soul in some way,’ Thom says.

you begin by
crafting grace
out of chaos;
grace is
the best friend
who never abandons
grace will walk
us home to

For more information and to see a sample

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For all Thom Shuman’s publications

Whispers of Light transspaser

Whispers of Light

(Book & e-book)

Joy Mead

A new collection of poems from Joy Mead – ‘a book of moments, illuminated moments, those times when joy breaks through, when beauty amazes and goes some way towards healing.’

Joy’s poems celebrate what it is to be alive and also, perhaps, what it is to contemplate death.

‘… a poet of great sensitivity, a deeply religious poet, without being a Religious Poet. Her spirituality is grounded in the depths of ‘ordinary’ life – the extraordinary life.’
Ron Ferguson

For more information and to see a sample

For the e-book version

For all Joy Mead's publications

Pearls of Life bracelet new transspaser

Pearls of Life bracelet

New version

Created by Bishop Martin Lönnebo

A glass and ceramic bead bracelet providing a practical method of helping the mind attain a state of stillness, meditation and prayer.

This is the new version of the bracelet, where one of the three – originally white – Mystery Pearls has been replaced by a green pearl. Each of the ‘pearls’ helps us to focus on a particular kind of situation in life. Included is a small multi-language leaflet with a basic explanation of the pearls.

Can be used in conjunction with the new Pearls of Life book.

For more information

Pearls of Life book new transspaser

Pearls of Life book

(New version)

Johan Dalman, Ann Lagerström, Thomas Lerner

This new, hardback version of the book Pearls of Life (published in English by Verbum Sweden) reflects on the meaning of the pearls and suggests how to use them. It relates to the new version of the Pearls of Life bracelet.

The book is both an introduction to the Pearls for those who have never encountered them before and a deepening for those who use them already. It also includes an interview with Martin Lönnebo and the stories of four users of the Pearls.


For more information

St Cuthbert’s Way transspaser

St Cuthbert’s Way (new edition)

A pilgrims’ companion

(Book & e-book)

Mary Low

There’s nothing like putting one foot in front of the other, day after day, in all weathers, for getting you in touch with the things that really matter.

St Cuthbert’s Way runs from Melrose in the Scottish Borders to Lindisfarne, Holy Island, off the coast of Northumberland. This book, designed as a Pilgrims’ companion, presents

– Information essential for walking the Way
– A field guide to places of interest along the route
– An introduction to St Cuthbert and his world
– Songs, meditations and stories
– Ideas and resources for a contemporary pilgrimage experience

For more information and to see a sample

For the e-book version

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