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This time we have two new items that also offer the opportunity to support the fundraising for the renovation of Iona Abbey - a calendar for 2019 of beautiful Iona photos and an audio download of Holy Week services in the Abbey from the mid-1990s. For more information about the Iona Abbey Capital Appeal, see here.

Photo: View of snowy Mull from Iona © David Coleman



Iona Calendar 2019 download transspaser

Iona Calendar 2019

Photographs by Iain Sarjeant

The Highland Family Group of the Iona Community has produced this beautiful Iona calendar for 2019, in conjunction with photographer Iain Sarjeant. Iain knows Iona intimately, having visited the island on family holidays since he was a boy. Although many of the views will be familiar to anyone who knows Iona, Iain chooses to take many of his pictures from slightly different viewpoints, and in the early morning, or evening, to take advantage of the often beautiful light at those times of the day.

The calendar is 21cm x 21cm, and comes with a bonus picture of one of the more elusive places on Iona.

All profits from the sale of this calendar will go to the Iona Abbey Capital Appeal.

For more information

Easter Day download transspaser

Iona Abbey Easter Worship (audio download)

A live recording of the journey through Holy Week

The Iona Community

Another opportunity to support the Iona Abbey Capital Appeal. This live recording of worship in Iona Abbey from Holy Week and Easter Sunday from the 1990s (originally published as an audio cassette) is now being made available again to help with the fundraising effort to renovate Iona Abbey. Pay only £1 ex VAT and kindly add a donation of your choice to the fund at checkout (just below the shopping cart).

For many years visitors to Iona have longed to capture the essence of the island. This live recording from the mid-1990s does just that, allowing the listener to drop in on worship during the most holy of weeks. It includes:

- readings from the then Leader of the Iona Community, Norman Shanks, and others
- reflection and commentary from the Iona pilgrimage
- excerpts from the Maundy Thursday vigil
- excerpts from the Good Friday vigil
- prayer, song and worship from the Easter Sunday celebration
- meditations from the healing service

Available as two audio downloads of approximately 60 MB each

For more information and list of contents


Beyond Easter - more resources

For all Ascension downloads
For all Pentecost downloads
For all Trinity Sunday downloads

Journey Towards Pentecost download transspaser

Journey Towards Pentecost (PDF download)

A nine-day devotional

Kathryn Turner

Digital download: This devotional, for individual or group use, begins on the Friday after Ascension Thursday and finishes on the day before Pentecost Sunday. Over the nine days the Gospel is used as a starting point for a time of reflection and prayer.

The outline for each day:

  • Reading: a short extract from the Gospel, with reference to the full text
  • Wondering: a few questions relating to the reading
  • Contemplation: Lectio Divina (the slow, prayerful reading of the scriptures)/ Gospel contemplation (putting yourself in the scene)
  • Reflection: some thoughts and questions
  • Prayer: concerns and a prayer invoking the Holy Spirit

19 pages

For more information and to see a sample

Easter Day download transspaser

Ascension Day (PDF download)

Various contributors

Digital download: Responses, prayers, a reading and biblical reflection for Ascension Day, taken from the book Fire and Bread, by Ruth Burgess.

9 pages

For more information and to see a sample
For the complete book Fire and Bread: Resources for Easter Day to Trinity Sunday

What Does This Thing Mean? download transspaser

What Does This Thing Mean? (PDF download)

Glendon Macaulay

Digital download: A reflection for three voices on the events of Pentecost and why they were described in terms of wind and fire. Taken from the book Dirt, Mess and Danger, by Glendon Macaulay.

6 pages

For more information and to see a sample
For the complete book Dirt, Mess and Danger: Liturgies and worship resources

Into the Heart of God download transspaser

Into the Heart of God (PDF+PPT download)

A liturgy of Communion for Ascension

Thom M Shuman

Digital download: A communion liturgy for Ascension - a reminder that at Pentecost the torch of Jesus' ministry was passed on to the disciples, and down to us through all the centuries.

PDF and PowerPoint formats
9 pages / 35 slides

There is also a separate PDF version of this download and a separate PowerPoint version.

For more information and to see a sample


Some recent books

Iona of My Heart transspaser

Iona of My Heart

Daily readings

(Book and e-book)

Neil Paynter

When editor Neil Paynter called for contributions to Iona of My Heart he wrote:

‘I’m looking for those human stories from Iona. You know the ones – we all have them. Stories about different folk coming together – people from different countries and backgrounds. Stories of encounter, challenge, exchange, connection, transformation. Stories about people and the power of the Spirit … Show why Iona and what the Iona Community does there is important to the world. Give it a human face.’

Four months of daily readings. Royalties to the Iona Community’s Iona Abbey Capital Appeal.

For more information and to see a sample

For the e-book version

Iona Abbey Worship Book (New revised edition) transspaser

Iona Abbey Worship Book
(New revised edition)

(Book and e-book)

The Iona Community

This new edition of the Iona Abbey Worship Book has been extensively revised and rearranged. About 80% of the text is new material which has been developed by members of the Iona Community since the previous edition.

For more information and to see a sample

For the e-book version

We Bring You Everything, and Tip it Out in Front of You transspaser

Wild Goose Big Book of Liturgies

(Book and e-book)

The Iona Community

Liturgies for Advent and Christmas, Lent and Easter, Transfiguration, Pentecost, Trinity Sunday, All Saints’, St Columba’s Day, Father’s Day; on hunger, economic witness, peacemaking, the environment, pilgrimage, welcome, hospitality and friendship. Includes a blessing liturgy for a marriage or partnership, a wedding/partnership ceremony and resources for a memorial event. Originally published as single digital downloads by Wild Goose.

For more information and to see a sample

For the e-book version

Wild Goose Big Book of Worship Resources transspaser

Wild Goose Big Book of Worship Resources

(Book and e-book)

The Iona Community

A wide-ranging collection of resources for Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter, Pentecost, Transfiguration, Harvest, Holocaust Memorial Day, Mothering Sunday, and other special days, and on areas of concern, like refugees and peacemaking. Originally published as single digital downloads.

For more information and to see a sample

For the e-book version


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