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About peace

For the International Day of Peace (21st September) and the International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons (26th September)

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We Will Seek Peace and Pursue It transspaser

We Will Seek Peace and Pursue It

Reflections and prayers for peace and reconciliation

(Book & e-book)

Neil Paynter

A book of readings, reflections and prayers about ‘the bombs and bullets and landmines we drop into the heart of other people’s lives’ – and the many good folk working for peace and reconciliation at home and abroad. It can be used for personal and group reflection or in worship.

While several of the contributors are from various grassroots organisations and communities, many are members, associates or friends of the Iona Community, which, from its beginning, has been engaged in work for peace and reconciliation.

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Against the Tide transspaser

Against the Tide

The story of Adomnán of Iona

(Book & e-book)

Warren Bardsley

The second half of the seventh century was a time of great change in Ireland, Scotland and northern Britain, and, as ninth Abbot of Iona and leader of the monastic federation founded by Columba, Adomnán was fully involved in the social and political upheavals taking place. His most outstanding achievement was the ‘promulgation’ of the Cáin Adomnáin, a revolutionary law designed to protect non-combatants, especially women, during wartime – a law which in its own day was as significant as the Geneva Conventions or the UN Declaration of Human Rights, and which deserves to take its place alongside those ground-breaking charters for human rights.

Against the Tide is an accessible, popular account of Adomnán’s life, with an emphasis on the contemporary significance of his Law of Innocents – a law which many justice and peace groups have recently invoked.

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Making Peace in Practice and Poetry transspaser

Making Peace in Practice and Poetry

(Book & e-book)

Joy Mead

Joy Mead presents five practical workshops, for groups or individuals, to explore the use of words and poetry in everyday life.

Unique among the species, humans create their world through language and imagination. In this we have the potential to be aggressive, violent and oppressive, or gentle, creative and vulnerable. Words express and shape what we are or might become. We are all poets when we attempt to express the essence of our own experiences. As we tell and listen, we develop our sense of community and our humanity. Because the personal is also political, this process creates peace between people, in society, and among nations.

The readings and activities in this book aim to lead us to a deeper understanding of how we use language. As we become more discriminating in our use of words, so we can better tell our own stories and relate to the experiences of others.

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Iona Abbey Service for Justice and Peace download transspaser

Iona Abbey Service for Justice and Peace (PDF download)

The Iona Community

Digital download: Two services that draw on the part of the Iona Community’s Rule which is a commitment to justice, peace and the integrity of creation. Includes an appendix with notes for the services and extra resources. Taken from the new, revised edition of the Iona Abbey Worship Book.

14 pages

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Live in the Light download transspaser

Live in the Light (PDF download)

Reflections on peacemaking and reconciliation

Ruth Harvey

Digital download: Five reflections on peace and reconciliation that follow a pattern of beginning with inner reconciliation, moving through reconciliation in our worshipping community or church, to reconciliation in the world. They provide a resource that can be developed for use in small groups, large conferences or personal meditation.

Ruth Harvey is Head of Training and Peace-building for Place for Hope, a Scottish-based mediation agency working with faith communities and churches. Place for Hope offers training, coaching and conflict accompaniment to groups, individuals and networks.

10 pages

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Justice and Peace download transspaser

Justice and Peace (PDF Download)

Various contributors

Digital download: Prayers, responses, a reflection, a story, a poem, a song, a biblical reflection and a script relating to justice and peace. Taken from the books Bare Feet and Buttercups and Acorns and Archangels, by Ruth Burgess.

24 pages

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Swords into Ploughshares download transspaser

Swords into Ploughshares: A short liturgy (PDF Download)

John Harvey

Digital download: A short liturgy on peace and non-violence.

Short liturgies are useful sometimes to help people come together as a community, worship and root themselves, and then go out and get on with the business of helping to build the Kingdom on earth.

2 pages

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An Ordinary Day download transspaser

For an International Situation (PDF download)

Rosemary Power & the Iona Prayer Circle


Digital download: A short liturgy addressing the wounds of our world and the dark places where people suffer and are oppressed, and asking for courage to challenge those who walk the corridors of power. With additional material on St Margaret of Scotland.

7 pages

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