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One Is the Body (songbook)

John L Bell

Songs of unity & diversity

SKU/ISBN: 9781901557350

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The identity of Christians is intimately tied up with what they sing. Hymns and songs affect our understanding of the width or narrowness of the Gospel, whether faith is couched in archaic language or reflects contemporary culture and whether the church is essentially monochrome or mosaic.

The identity of the Body of Christ is thrown into new relief when we realise that the presumed complexion of the Church is no longer white and affluent, but black and poor.

This has compelled the Wild Goose Resource Group, an associate body of the lona Community, to ensure that in its work with church music and musicians as broad a panoply of material as possible is represented.

One Is the Body, therefore, encompasses songs from as diverse places as Hawaii and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, while also representing the home-grown fruit produced in and around Glasgow.

These songs are primarily for congregational use, for it is to the congregation which God directs the commandment, 'Sing me a new song.'


Come and let us worship God, Uganda
Lord, who may enter your house?/ Ps.15
Praise God for this holy ground
Bless, O my soul, the Lord your God/ Ps.103
Blest be God/ Ps.149, Pakistan
Heaven on earth
I bow my knee in prayer
I owe my Lord a morning song
Faithful, faithful is our God (Kamana o' i' o), Hawaii
Here you are among us (Tu estas presente), Brazil
Be still, be silent (Thula), Swaziland
Chitra's tune, Nepal
This is the day of rest


Women and men as God intended
God it was
Gifts of the Spirit
To be a soldier
There is a line of women
We belong to God
While the earth remains, Korea
Because the Saviour prayed
O God, you made us all unique
Maker and Mover
God's Spirit is here
We rejoice to be God's chosen


Keep me, Lord/ Ps.16
I will always bless the Lord
Do not be vexed
Create within me a clean heart/ Ps.51
O Great God and Lord of the earth/ Ps.94, El Salvador
Know that God is good (Mungu ni mwema)/ Ps.100, Democratic Republic of Congo
In deep distress
Listen now for the Gospel (Yakanaka Vhangeri), Zimbabwe
I will arise
One is the body
Love one another
Love is the touch


Ageless God of boundless wonder
All the wonder that surrounds us
You are the God of new beginnings
In concrete, brick and living stone
Sisters and brothers, with one voice
Take this moment
I'll praise eternal God (Je lourai l'Éternel), France
We will walk with God (Sizohamba), Swaziland
Now that evening falls
Now that day is done
Journey prayers
Your will be done
Now go in peace

For audio samples of some of the songs from this book, see left-hand side of page. There is also an audio CD containing some of the songs from the book.

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Additional Information

Subline Songs of unity & diversity
Authors Bell, John L.
Author(s) John L Bell
ISBN 9781901557350
Date Added 7 Feb 2009


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