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Thom M Shuman £2.75

Digital download: An evening service for Ash Wednesday with optional imposition of ashes. 9 pages.

Thom M Shuman £2.80

Digital download: An evening service for Ash Wednesday in a time of pandemic, which takes into consideration the fact that people may be feeling isolated, bruised and exhausted from their experiences during this time. 11 pages.

Rodney Aist £1.95

Digital download: A responsive reading, a reflection and a prayer for Ash Wednesday. 5 pages.

Tom Gordon £1.75

Digital download: A reflection on failure and rebuilding for Ash Wednesday and a reflection on ‘standing on the edges’ of things for Lent. 3 pages.

Various contributors £3.10

Digital download: Liturgies, reflections and prayers for Ash Wednesday, from the book Spring, by Ruth Burgess. 20 pages.

Rebeka Maples £2.60

Digital download: A service which invites us to prepare for Lent. Whether we have been at the edge of the wilderness before or not, we are all different people from who we were last year, and the journey through Lent allows us to reflect and to be renewed. 11 pages.

Sally Foster-Fulton £2.30

Digital download: A meditative liturgy (but including practical actions) and a reflection for celebrating Ash Wednesday and entering a sacred season. 8 pages.

Thom M Shuman £2.60

Digital download: A service for beginning the Lenten journey, to bring our brokenness and hopelessness and place them on the Table of grace. Includes optional marking with ashes. 11 pages.

Sally Foster-Fulton & Ruth Burgess £2.25

Digital download: A preparation for the period of reflection and prayer that is Lent; a call to come back to God and to come back to the earth. Includes marking of the palm of the hand with ashes. 7 pages.

Various £2.13

Digital download of worship resources for Ash Wednesday taken from the book Eggs and Ashes by Ruth Burgess and Chris Polhill.