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Brian Ford £4.10

Digital download: A collection of poems, prayers and reflections based mostly on stories from the Bible, offering fresh insights and often laughter. 43 pages.

Janet Lees £3.30

Digital download: A collection of stories based on the author's 'remembered Bible' technique, which adds unexpected layers and aspects to the accounts - for both remembering women in the Bible and remembering the Bible with women (and men). 26 pages.

Jan Sutch Pickard £2.60

Digital download: A reporter interviews a grumpy follower of Moses; Joseph meets an angel of the Lord; Simon's mother-in-law is raised up to cook a meal fit for a king; 4000 hungry souls are given a free lunch; and the disciples argue about who is the greatest - Entertaining, thought-provoking resources for worship from storyteller Jan Sutch Pickard. 11 pages.

Janet Lees £3.90

Digital download: A resource for Advent and Christmas especially for those working with young people or children in a school, community or church setting - but also full of lively prayers, sketches and ideas for anyone looking to break out of a rut by using 'the remembered Bible'. 31 pages.

Annie Heppenstall £1.80

Digital download: Meditations on the lives of some ordinary people from the Bible, using the haiku format, and a suggestion for using this method for contemplation on any chosen theme. Taken from the book Wild Goose Chase: Exploring the spirituality of everyday life, by Annie Heppenstall. 4 pages.

Margaret Harvey £2.90

Digital download: a drama script taken from the book Fire and Bread by Ruth Burgess.