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Various contributors £2.60

Digital download: Songs, biblical reflections, monologues, a prayer and a drama script to celebrate Candlemas. Taken from the book Spring: Liturgical resources for February, March and April, by Ruth Burgess. 10 pages.

Rebeka Maples £4.10

Digital download: Poems, prayers and meditations which could be used in a daily discipline. Light is a part of life and we are all blessed with it - Light is a lamp in the darkness and a beacon through the storms that life bombards us with on the journey. 42 pages.

Annie Heppenstall & Carey Saleh £2.50

Digital download: A short, reflective service for Candlemas / St Brigid / Imbolc with readings, responses, participative actions and songs. There is also a section of explanatory notes for the leader. 9 pages.

Advent & Christmas

Candlemas (PDF Download)

Various £2.65

Digital download: Readings, responses, a song, play script and story for Candlemas, taken from the book Hay & Stardust by Ruth Burgess. 13 pages.