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Various contributors £2.85

Digital download: Prayers, responsive prayers, reflections and a song for Harvest, taken from the book Autumn, by Ruth Burgess. 15 pages.

Roddy Cowie £1.85

Digital download: A substantial prayer for use at Harvest, about being thankful, opening our hearts, helping those who aren't so fortunate, and more. 4 pages.

Philip Fox £2.10

Sheet music download: A song to celebrate harvest, from one of the Iona Abbey musicians. Full score. 5 pages.

Philip Fox £1.70

Sheet music download: A blessing song for harvest with words and music by one of the musicians of Iona Abbey. Full score. 2 pages.

E- Liturgies & Prayers

Let Us Live Your Love (PDF download)

David Osborne £1.75

Digital download: A short prayer of thanksgiving and a long prayer of intercession for use at harvest celebrations. 3 pages.

Creation & Environment

In the Beginning – (PDF download)

Joy Mead £2.60

Digital download: A service for celebrating Harvest with an emphasis on the importance of seeds and soil, and reminding us that hunger isn't caused by scarcity but by injustice. 11 pages.

E- Liturgies & Prayers

Living Water (PDF download)

Various contributors £2.60

Digital download: 783 million people do not have access to clean water and almost 2.5 billion do not have access to adequate sanitation (UN figures). Here are some worship resources for putting together a service on water, and some suggestions for taking action. 11 pages.

Nancy Cocks £2.45

Digital download: A service for all ages about not having enough to eat and about being hungry to share what we have. Includes a drawing/colouring activity. Nancy is a former Deputy Warden of Iona Abbey. 9 pages.

E- Liturgies & Prayers

Ruth’s Harvest (PDF download)

Tim Aldred £2.75

Digital download: Worship resources for celebrating harvest based around the biblical story of Ruth and addressing issues of injustice and poverty. Contents include a harvest service, a drama and notes for group work or a talk/sermon. 15 pages.

Creation & Environment

Harvest (PDF Download)

Various £2.55

Digital download: Liturgical and reflective resources for celebrating the fruits of summer, taken from the book Acorns and Archangels by Ruth Burgess. 11 pages.